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Clair Bottomley

Life Enhancement Coach 
Manchester, United Kingdom
A friendly, enthusiastic & motivated coach who specialises in implementing positive changes.

FEES from $60 USD to $408 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hello! I am a 30 year old woman who has recently learnt that life is for living and we are all capable of making changes which enhances our quality of life.

As a life coach and a volunteer for a national charity dedicated to female reproductive health, I see so many women who are unhappy with their lives, whether it be health related, issues with relationships, personal achievements or even becoming stressed over organising their perfect day - the wedding!

I specialise in working with women who feel that they need some direction, some support and motivation to help them gain the satisfaction and pleasure from they that they so much deserve.

Personally through coaching I have made several huge positive changes to my life in the last year and things have never been so good. Together we can change your world too - live your life the way you always wanted to, you deserve it.

Coaching with me

Personally, I used my coaching skills to improve my own life. My social life has improved tremendously, I am now self employed and doing what I really want to do with my life, my relationship moved onto engagement (we are now planning our wedding!) and in general my motivation and enthusiasm for life has increased tenfold!

Client wise, I have assisted two of my clients in following their goals with regards to work. One has recently secured a promotion at work as well as being accepted on a college course for continued development. Another client has recently decided to follow their dream of becoming self employed and starting their own film production company. This client is now in the throes of marketing and networking and quotes "I have never been happier, now I am doing exactly what I want and have my passion for life back again".

My coaching style is supportive and informal. Although as a coach there are times when I may need to be a bit strict with my clients, in general I find that a friendly manner and allowing my clients to open up on a personal note creates a much more effective coach/client relationship. It is important as a client that you feel that you can be 100% honest with me, otherwise our sessions won't be successful. All conversations and communications are 100% confidential and are kept under lock and key so it really is just between us.

I provide an initial consultation for free, we need to see if there is a rapport there so that I can assist you. I want to ensure that I am the right coach for you, I understand that sometimes people just don't click. Its just like being at school and finding that one teacher who suddenly makes maths understandable!

From the initial consultation, we will discuss timeframes for us to work on your goals. A small goal may just take three sessions, however sometimes longer term coaching may be more beneficial for bigger changes. At any point if you feel that you don't need further coaching then of course any sessions paid for up front will be refunded to you.

During our sessions, we will probably cover many different areas of coaching. This could be role play to deal with assertiveness for example, powerful questioning and there may be times when you just want someone to listen. During our initial consultation I will enquire and find out more about your learning styles, what makes you tick...this way I can maximise our sessions by tailoring them to suit you as an individual.

At the end of your coaching sessions I will ask you to complete an evaluation form just to make sure that we have reached the goals that you wanted to achieve. I am here to assist you in your life enhancement / improvement and will put 100% into our sessions. All I ask is that you do that same!
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I offer coaching services specialising in health, wellbeing and happiness. The areas I cover are health and wellbeing, relationships and sex, marriage preparation and life enhancement. I have a specialist interest in women suffering with long term conditions such as Endometriosis and have both personal and professional experience in this area.

My coaching sessions will assist clients in realising their true potential and fulfilling their goals in the areas we find to be causing the client dissatisfaction. My goal is to empower women to live well in all areas of their life.

Telephone sessions last 45 minutes, however I provide a free initial consultation to ensure that both the client and I feel that we have rapport and can work together and embark on a new, brighter future.

Upon acceptance of coaching, a programme will be agreed to suit the clients needs and discounts are available for block bookings.
Ongoing training
I am currently completing a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also a member of the ICF and Affiliate Member of Association for Coaching and working towards becoming an Associate member of both.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • NVQ Level 3 Business Administration
  • BA(hons) Design: Media Production
  • BTEC Multimedia
  • Volunteer training for Endometriosis UK Group Leader
Life - it certainly has a lot to throw at you. Only two years ago I was in a position where I couldn't work, I had no social life and was unable to leave my house due to ill health. Now, through self coaching and learning how to self manage I have a great social life, I am now engaged, I have started my own business and am currently planning my wedding!

It is amazing how much the mind has to answer for. To attain your goals and reach those dreams that seem so far away, you need to organise your mind. Figure out what is stopping you, what are the problems? Then figure out a way to work through these bit by bit until you get where you want to be.

This is where coaching comes in. I can be that sounding board, the questioner, the motivator and support that you need to be able to move forward.

I currently volunteer as Manchester Group Leader for Endometriosis UK, so I support around 60 women who have many issues due to ill health. This can impact on every area of one's life; relationships, career, finance, quality of life...Being a volunteer has shown me that being happy has an impact on your health also, this is why I decided to move into personal coaching after my last role working in the NHS.

i have both personal and professional experience in areas where there is a need for positive change, and because of this I have empowered myself to be able to assist individuals in making these changes through studying and qualifying with distinction as a life coach.
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Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $408 USD

My coaching fees are £60 per 45 minute session as singular sessions. I then have a block booking discount for sessions of 4 and 8 as block bookings.

4 x 45 minute sessions - £216
8 x 45 minute sessions - £408


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