lifecoach $80 USD Cornelia Tiganov Cornelia Tiganov I am passionate at helping people deal with life transition in order to see them grow and thrive.
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Cornelia Tiganov

Life Coach from Coaching Stars 
Camberley, UK, England, United Kingdom
I am passionate at helping people deal with life transition in order to see them grow and thrive.
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FEES from $40 USD to $80 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a life coach with a social work background working with children and adults  to effect change in their personal and professional life.
The best thing about being a coach is being part of someone transformation journey.  Helping someone be proud of where they are in life and fully embracing who they are. Do you want to be that person? I can work with you on your personal goals or professional goals. I can help you raise your standards, stay motivated, develop new skills, and routines which will lead to greater success. If are willing to accomplish something new or something that you struggle with for a while  or maybe you are going through a life transition right now and need support to find your balance, taking an important  decision or keep your focus to get the work done I can provide structure, advice and motivation to support you to accomplish your goals.


From £45+VAT
Young people
From £35/hr+VAT
Families and groups: From £60/hr+VAT


£40/week including

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $80 USD

Individual Coaching

I can support you to make positive changes in your life to better yourself, help you break negative patterns, improve your self-belief and gain new strategies to achieve desirable things, such as:
-Self-identity and acceptance
-Positive attitude
-Radiate with confidence
-Boost your self-esteem
-Gain clarity and resolution
-Decision-making strategies
-Goal setting strategies
-Learn to keep your motivation
-Personal development
-Rewarding friendships
-Improve your general wellbeing
-Learn to live in the now
-Deal with challenges in a constructive way
-Learn strategies to deal with relocation stress and culture shock
-Deal with life crises
-Manage interviews and presentation stress
-Explore your career options
-Career planning
-Gain work/life balance

Career Coaching
I offer career coaching to young people who are looking to find the right career for them and professionals who are looking to change career direction or fast-track their careers.
If you are looking to explore career options, career change, improve your prospects in your current career, deal with life issues that sabotage your career prospects, I am ready to help you deal with limiting beliefs and constrains and gain skills in order to become job ready and successful.

Children and Young People Coaching and Mentoring
I offer one to one support, school workshops and siblings, peers and friends group work.
I can support children and young people to develop positive self-esteem, assertiveness skill, and resilience in managing transitions, dealing with emotions and conflicts using games and role play to self discover, develop problem solving strategies and practice standing up for self beliefs, dealing with challenging emotions, shyness, exclusion, bullying, body changes etc.

Family Coaching
I can provide a recovering support for children and parents whose relationship is suffering due to pressures such as communication problems, separation, settling into a new area, conflict of values, challenging behaviour etc.


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