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Courtney Diener

Master of Science in Social Admin  
Mobile, Alabama, United States

Life coach with over 8 years in health training with a success-driven empowerment approach!

About me

Hello! Thank you for reading my profile! My name is Courtney and I am a life coach with over 8 years of behavioral and health training. I utilize an empowerment strengths-based approach to help my clients reach their potential. My approach is success-driven by helping my clients to create sustainable life changes.

I have experience working with people who are looking to improve their health, wellness, fitness, weight-loss, self-esteem, confidence, post-trauma and healing from difficult life events.

Coaching with me


I work with individuals who are looking to lose weight, to evaluate their health overall, to commit to a life of health and wellness, to build self-confidence, to help clients with organizations, assertiveness, healing after difficult times and challenges that impact an individuals overall health and life.


I spend the first session mostly listening to my client and prompting for more information. After the first session, I will work with the client to create a success-driven plan of action with measurable goals. Each session after, will be a progression and completion of these goals. I take a hands on approach with constant evaluation. Your success is the ultimate goal. I utilize a strengths-based approach to empower you to make sustainable changes that make a significant impact.



I offer private coaching via phone conversations or online depending on the needs of my client.


This is my primary method of coaching. We will "meet" online and the work can be done via video and chat.

Short courses or group coaching

At times, I have worked with individuals in specific areas and can offer course/learning style coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification
  • Master of Science in Social Work/Social Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Certificate of Management and Leadership

I am formally trained social worker that has branched into life coaching. In the past, I have provided ongoing and brief therapy with individuals facing mental health concerns, post-trauma, with relationship difficulties, confidence and self-esteem issues and success coaching. Currently, I bring in my knowledge of health and wellness and formal training in management and leadership to help clients achieve success.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 to $300

We will work to create a personalized package that mutually meets our needs and helps you to succeed.


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