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Cris Repoles

CTI Co-Active Coach  
North Bergen, New Jersey, United States
Life and Career Peak Performance Coach helping you transition to the life you deserve!

About me

I was born and raised in Brazil and I moved to the US back in 2001 to embark on my own journey. I was a spoiled princess that had everything she wanted before coming to the United States.

My whole life changed when my mentor showed up for me as a homeless man that gave me strength and hope when I needed most. In that moment I realized that it wasn’t about having material things and possessions and getting everything I wanted, instead, it was about me, and how I could empower myself to change lives.

When my journey began, I started working on self-improvement, and learned a lot from my life experiences. As my learnings advanced, I started training with mentors and coaches, I graduated and earned the title of Co-Active Coach from CTI, one of the top coaching schools worldwide. I also invested a lot of time and money working with role models who were living the lives they always wanted and today, I am also able to do that.

I truly believe that mentors and coaches helped bring my life to the next level and that is why I do this for others with so much passion. Today, I work with people who have similar challenges and feel stuck. They feel like, no matter what they do and what they choose, it does not make them feel totally fulfilled, and they come to me because they want a better life, they desire a complete life transformation, they want to grow, and they want to live the life they truly deserve. That is what I help them do!

A Phoenix rises from the ashes and to me that means that no matter how bad it is, how unsatisfied you are with life, you can always have a rebirth. You can always come alive from the ashes, and that is what the Phoenix is all about.

Enjoy the journey of the new you, you are the rising Phoenix!

Coaching with me

When people hire me, they are usually feeling…

1. Stuck in their current situation
2. Unhappy with their career or life choices
3. Hopeless about finding a way out
4. Tired of surviving their daily routines
5. Afraid to try something new and fail

I help evoke transformation in their lives, destroy these limiting beliefs, start taking enormous action to create lasting change and get results. Most of my clients “know” what needs to be done, they just “don’t do it”! I help them do it to awaken these long sought after dreams into reality.
The most important thing to me is that my clients get results. My strengths are in being 100% present for you to make sure you find your “why’s” so that you can leverage the reason you want to do something to take you into action so you can have what you desire.

I hold you accountable so that you don’t just talk about the things you need to do or want to do but you do it. Once we work together, your desires will no longer be a story as they will became a result.

Working with me can be fun and when you are open and committed, you will breakthrough your comfort zone and go beyond what you truly even imagined was possible.

Limiting beliefs will no longer hold you back. Instead, we will use your limiting beliefs as leverage to drive you to get what you want.


Our sessions will be available to you via Phone, Skype or Google Hangouts making them very time effective and convenient to you.
Short courses or group coaching
Available Upon Request

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CTI - The Coaches Training Institute (CPCC / Co-Active Coach)
  • Ho'oponopono
  • EFT - Emotion Freedom Technique / Tapping
  • NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • UPW / Unleash The Power Within - Tony Robbins Seminar
  • RPM - Rapid Planning Method
Coaching makes me feel like I am attending my life's calling to use the best knowledge, intuition and techniques I learned to help transform the lives of others.

Once I started coaching, I found the fulfillment I could not find before. I coach because I love watching my clients transform and become the person they are truly meant to be.

I’ve always being attracted to personal growth and helping people, and my life has always been about service, serving others and making a difference.

As an added value, I have a wide range of experience working in different fields such as online marketing, sales, design, advertising and promotions amongst others. I have been blessed to have achieved great financial success in those areas and these added experiences certainly helped me add more value to my clients today.

Deep inside, I truly believe that what creates the biggest impact in my client’s lives however, are the experiences I’ve had in my own personal growth and transformational journey. And most certainly, investing myself into coaching and mentors, helped me breakthrough and become the coach I am today.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $750 USD

Every person is different so I will customize packages for you to make sure you get the fastest results possible. Please click the button to schedule your free consultation now and let's discover if we are a good fit to continue working together further.


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