lifecoach $100 USD Dan Perdue Dan Perdue Dan is a Life Coach that specializes in ADHD, Relationships, and Conflict Resolution.
Coach Dan Perdue
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Dan Perdue

Conflict Resolution, Life Coach 
Monroe, Wisconsin, United States
Dan is a Life Coach that specializes in ADHD, Relationships, and Conflict Resolution.
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FEES from $65 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Dan Perdue, Personal Life Coach of Focused Solution Coaching, LLC, will partner with you through the steps of finding and defining your success. In the process that is used through coaching, you will discover what your strengths are and build momentum to meet your full potential in life, family, or your job. Whatever the area is in your life that you feel you are not meeting your true goals, we can make assessments and create action plans so you can live up to your true intentions.

Dan understands the struggle of finding focus, balance, and being overwhelmed with negative self beliefs. Having been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Dan has had to learn many of the tools he is now able to show clients. With understanding and Compassion, Dan will work along side you to find your way to success using coaching strategies, his knowledge of ADHD, and mindfulness.

Coaching is about assisting a client in finding their strengths and focusing on building them stronger. Finding what your self beliefs are and learning how to open your mind to changing the self defeating beliefs into positive “I CAN” beliefs followed by an action plan to success through collaborative dialog and accountability. Much like an athlete uses a coach to help them become successful using talents and strengths the athlete already possesses, So does personal coaching in our every day lives, relationships, and careers.   more...


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Meet face-to-face, over the phone, or video chat in a one-on-one coaching sessions with Dan. Sessions are flexible to meet most situations and needs of the client. Start with a free,no obligation, 30 to 45 minute consultation. The first full session is 60 to 90 minutes to assess the clients situation and to establish initial goals and the coaching agreement followed by 45 to 60 minute sessions for the remainder of the coaching relationship. Sessions may include tasks, homework as agreed, and follow up questions between them as well as check in calls, texts, or emails.

Private coaching can include an individual client, couples, or families regularly or as needed or requested by the client.

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Online coaching provides for an extremely flexible coaching process for internet proficient client. There are no formal "Sessions", but rather the coaching takes place through email and by utilizing the online coaching platform. Through the platform the coach and client can communicate, define goals, set tasks, and provide and receive support.

Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $100 USD


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