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Daniel Doucette

NYC, New York, United States
Seasoned Leader & Mentor, Straight Talker, Troublemaker, ENFJ, New England-Practical
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About me

I was born in 1967 in Attleboro, Massachusetts to a down-to-earth, practical, hard-working family. I went to college at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where I earned a BS and MS in Foreign Service. Wanting to “do good” I pursued a career in the not-for-profit sector, mainly working with international organizations, and have held leadership positions such as CFO and COO.

As a result of my keen interest in developing people while in management, I went on to pursue a Masters in Organization Development and also became a professional coach, certified by the International Coach Federation.

My coaching practice has been shaped equally by my roots, my education, my work experience, and my own life lessons. As a coach I am equally practical and creative, equally direct and encouraging. While the best advice for coaches is to focus on a specialty, I have found coaching is fundamentally about helping clients achieve greater personal effectiveness, whether the stated goals are focused on career, on leadership or on life. And I have also discovered the themes are the same:


Coaching with me

LIFE: "The Personal Lore Paradox" enables you to gain a refreshed focus and extract new meaning from the narrative of your lived experiences. This method prompts you to reconsider some of the long-held conclusions that you may have drawn from prior experiences–to take control of your life story by confronting the inherent paradox of important choices you need to make for the sake of the present and the future.

CAREER: "Economics of You" guides your career plans by applying concepts such as exploitation of resources, exchange of value, and entrepreneurial spirit. This model walks you through an analytical process in order to reflect carefully on what are fundamentally very qualitative considerations that will ultimately depend on your sense of judgment. So you need to judge strategically.

LEADERSHIP: "Bold Intentions" facilitates improved leadership performance by confronting the common limitations that hinder access to your latent potential. This framework asks you to examine 5 dimensions of leading where people often struggle, yet where tremendous potential lies for achieving transformational results.

I believe that when folks spend their hard-earned money for a professional coach, they generally aren’t looking for what I call “wandering-through-the-meadow” conversations. No, they are eager to get down to business and really figure out what they need to do to move towards achieving their desired goal.

I utilize a fair amount of direct communication and observations. I target questions carefully and purposefully. My 5-step model focuses clients efficiently on key conversations that most need to take place.


The "GYST-5" - Key conversations. No nonsense.

Most other coaching engagements are open-ended. GYST Coaching consists of 5 essential conversations over 5 sessions. Each conversation focuses one of 5 themes in succession: What do you wish for? What do you already have? What gets you stuck? What matters most? What choices must you make? These same themes are applied to career, leadership and life coaching. Coaching sessions occur every 2 weeks, at a time convenient for you, so the process lasts approximately 9 weeks.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University
  • Evidence-Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University
Daniel Doucette is a personal effectiveness coach and founder of GYST Coaching, offering coaching in leadership, career, and life balance/personal integration. His leadership coaching occurs one-on-one with up-and-comers, middle managers, newly appointed leaders, and seasoned executives. Applying his signature leadership framework Bold Intentions to Lead, Daniel challenges clients to unlearn counter-productive attitudes and practices and to leverage individual strengths. A certified professional coach and member of the International Coach Federation, Daniel offers a coaching style that is engaging and provoking while encouraging and present. With 25 years in the not-for-profit sector working for such organizations as World Wildlife Fund, AFS Intercultural Programs, American Cancer Society, Rainforest Alliance and EngenderHealth, Daniel has served as a CFO, COO and board chair, he knows first hand what is expected of leaders and managers. Daniel holds a BS and MS in international affairs from Georgetown University, and a MA in Organization Development and a Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University.

Fee description

Fees: from $650 USD

5-step personal program fee is just $650.

This works out to $125 per coaching session including the value of the proprietary GYST Coaching content. You will also have email access in between sessions to ask questions or to receive encourgement or feedback.


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