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daniel Joseph speiss

Life Coach, Public Speaker, A.S  
NYC, New York, United States
My passion in life is transforming and motivating everyone around me to their highest potential!

About me

I am the next Tony Robbins. I see the reality of the world you want to be living in. My purpose in life is motivating everyone around me to their highest level. Empowering others, either in life or business, is something I feel completely fulfilled in. They say do what you love, and i'm doing everything I can to make sure you along with everyone I meet is living up to his or her expectation. Along with my coaching, I am a public speaker, and a creator for YouTube. I host events in the city weekly for anyone to come to. These mini seminars are built to naturally and with a raw undertone guide and support others through their transformations. I am always in service to humanity, however way i see it best to give my experience to the world.

Coaching with me

My clients achieve, to put it simply, a transformation. It is not uncommon to have clients I work with have bursts of insight and empowerment in the middle of a session. Working with me includes self discovery and empowerment, and using these two to get to what you want to achieve. The end result is having more clarity of yourself and the power of decision you have, innately, and taking away newly found information about you and how to apply yourself cognitively to different aspects of your life with ease and with fortitude.
My coaching style uses a raw form Of Neuro Linguistics Programming with a very personal and spiritual preservation of your current state. I observe and work with you in the present moment, and guide you where you want to be. More often than not I create a very peaceful, relaxing and vulnerable environment for us to work in. The idea of you retaining and applying any information I have to share is critical to your state of being. I use various forms of styles, which is always circumstantial and situational to every client. Everyone is different and dynamic, this always inclines me to adjust to my clients. Doing this is one of the major priorities I have in maintaining my effectiveness with you.


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My private coaching is very orchestrated to fit your needs and goals. After I get to know you and understand our dynamic, I make sure that when we coach privately, the environment and you are in synchronicity. This means that your retention, comfortability and focusness will be at its height. Usually this kind of session is done at the client's home or a healthy space for you to grow in. All sessions are recorded for you to look back on and revisit the conversations we have. Private coaching also gives me the best possibility in guiding you towards your particular successes!
Online coaching is very similar to private coaching! Every benefit transfers over without being in the same environment. More of my attention is focused to compensate for the shift in the type of coaching. More is expected from you to stay focused and open to the session. All sessions are recorded for you to look back on and revisit the conversations we have. Online coaching also gives me the best possibility in guiding you towards your particular successes!
Short courses or group coaching
In person Courses and group coaching is one of my favorite styles of service. In a group coaching session, more than one dimension of perspective is transforming and learning, and with this multiple coachees, this gives more of the support and and openness the group has with one another. I strongly reccomend group coaching for it's easy application to each coachee and the empowering aftereffect every coachee has on one another during the session!
Ongoing training
Ongoing training is a dynamic and consistent process between me and the coachee(s). This training is qualitative with a higher frequency of session for retention and integrative purposes. This is common kind of training in business development, managerial, performance and sales training. Training sessions are offered to personal clients who desire to attain a specific skill or area of interest.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associates degree, Psychology
I've worked in many fields, and have empowered more then the average person. To me motivating and misinforming peoples lives is my craft. From reaching thousands on YouTube through my personal development channels, to hosting my events where people from all over come learn and grow together, I have worked with a diverse number of people and clients from all over the world. I see the possibility in everyone, and working with me, it's only a matter of time that we get to your aspirations, together.

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $2000 USD

My fee structure varies depending on which service is required. I offer three options for private and online sessions; hourly, monthly and three-month packaging. Group coaching is calculated in the same format as online and private coaching, but with the added factor of multiple participants, and is adjusted accordingly. Training sessions vary by area and duration of training needed for the completion of the particular training. More information is needed to assess this structure of payment.


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