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Danny Baleson

Dip. Life Coaching NZIBS 
Te Anau, Southland, New Zealand
I am inspired by helping people discover the best version of themselves
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FEES from $50 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am:
A fit and healthy 60-something.
A proud dad and grandfather.
Motivated, sensitive and passionate.
I love:
Appreciating creativity.
Learning what makes successful people tick.
Discovering and nurturing inner talent.
I have experienced:
The thrill of performance coaching my entire adult life.
Fulfillment by positively influencing many young lives.
Success and scar tissue.
I believe:
In passion and commitment of heart and mind.
That I am accountable for my actions.
The more ways I teach, the more people I reach.
I strive:
To be real and act with integrity and courage.
To help others design more balanced and fulfilled lives for themselves.
To do the best I can always.


Focused face-to-face 50-minute sessions, initiated by a thoughtfully-crafted self-reflection questionnaire.
50-minute video-call sessions, preceded by an email inner search introduction.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • SA panel of Tennis Coaches, since 1974
  • Dip. Life Coaching New Zealand Institute of Business Studies
  • The Psychology of Winning, Dennis Waitley
  • The Courage to Win, Lisa Brown & Associates
Let me tell you a bit about myself…
I have experienced the joy of 3 marriages and the pain of as many divorces.
I am the proud dad of 3 amazing children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.
I was trapped in a bad marriage and a nightmarish corporate “job” in an eroding big city with few rules, until October 2015.
Not without pain I extricated myself from all of this and I now teach tennis in a beautiful small town on the South Island of New Zealand, where I experience clean air & water daily, lovely fresh produce, a stress-free environment and the friendliest community of people I ever imagined possible.
To punctuate my newfound piece of heaven, I have the coolest job working with unaffected and grateful rural kids, but my real bonus is that I am in the life space where I can make a difference to other peoples lives.
Hence my decision to study for a Life Coaching diploma, the subject matter of which I found extremely fascinating. Actually, I have been coaching all my life, from leading school sports teams to making a difference in hundreds of children’s lives as a tennis coach to mentoring 22 golf teaching professionals at one time at the largest golf theme park in the Southern Hemisphere. Believe me, that presented some challenges! – Golf pros only usually have to make one relationship work, that with their caddie, and most times they mess that up too! (Laughs…)
I have a passion for helping others believe in themselves, it is a driving force at my stage of life.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD

Once-off session: $100
One-month commitment, min. 4 sessions: $300
Three-month commitment, min. 12 sessions: $600
All fees payable in advance


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