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Coach Darlene M Scott
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Darlene M Scott

Life Coach & Professional Counselor 
Bala Cynwyd , Pennsylvania, United States
Professional Life Coach & Licensed Counselor specializing in stress management and relationships

FEES from $20 USD to $1100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I've been there...
Where is there? I've been broken-hearted, empty and spiritually bankrupt. But after learning how to take care of my Mind, Body and Spirit, I went from victim to victorious! You can too! I'm invested in YOU. I'm invested in YOU being SUCCESSFUL and in YOU becoming the best version of yourself! I use a completely holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals!

My name is Darlene M. Scott. Executive Coach, Relationship Coach, Professional Counselor and entrepreneur. I have committed over 18 years to helping others reach their goals! I hold a BA in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology, and I am a Nationally Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor.

In addition, I am an expert in my field with verifiable credentials and I have a passion for helping people and businesses get "unstuck!" I'am a seasoned professional ready to accompany you on your journey to emotional freedom, balance, expansion and productivity.

Coaching with me

Life Coaching Goals:
* learn to set healthy boundaries with others
* learn stress management techniques
* learn to practice appreciation
* be more goal oriented and deliberate
* find balance in your life
Average Number of Sessions: 6

Relationship Coaching Goals:
* learn to set healthy boundaries with partner
* decide if the relationship is worth fighting for
* learn to love and appreciate yourself more
* learn to value and appreciate your partner
* learn valuable communication techniques
* learn simple ways to rekindle the passion in your sex life
* learn to share yourself fully with another person and to overcome trust issues

- Whether you are recently divorced, separated or in constant conflict with your partner, children or parents, there is a solution. I specialize in "reframing" and encourage you to develop and maintain healthy relationships.
Average Number of Session: 4 - 6

Business & Leadership Coaching Goals:
* learn how to inspire and motivate people
* identify the leaders on your team
* learn to delegate
* how to effectively communicate with groups
* learn how to use your body language to convey leadership
* feel more confident and close more deals
* learn how to influence others without manipulation
Average Number of Sessions: 4
I can coach via skype, facetime, phone or in person. As a skilled clinician I use empathetic active listening before offering feedback or suggestions. The session is YOURS. You own the discussion. I listen, provide support and give you concrete tips and suggestions that you can apply in real time!

I can teach you how to visualize and how to move yourself from a state of sadness to a state of appreciation in 10 minutes or less. I am skilled at assessing your individual situation and I will prescribe accordingly!

I can coach leaders and business owners via facetime or skype. I also have a conference line that can be used if you would like to have multiple parties in on the executive coaching session !

I look forward to empowering YOU and getting YOU the results that YOU desire.


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Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Executive and Leadership Coaching

Online Coaching is Available
Short courses or group coaching
Creative Visulization Package(6 weeks - hr sessions)

How does it work? The process of creative visualization is the process of experiencing in real time joy, excitement, happiness and love. During the session, the client is taught how to relax and to go into a deep, meditative state where the brain is producing delta or theta waves.

During this hypnagogic state (the transition between being awake and asleep), the coach or therapist walks the client through imagining that specific, realistic, measurable goals are already accomplished to induce the feelings of accomplishment. The client leaves the session feeling confident and rejuvenated. Why is this helpful? Because once you began to convince your unconscious mind that you have accomplished a specific goal, you begin to display a relaxed confidence that leads to higher self-esteem and better communication skills. Remember that much of communication is non-verbal.

When you ooze confidence and vibrate at a high frequency (loving, smiling and enjoying life), things begin to happen. Some call this creative visualization process using the law of attraction, some call it having faith, some call it good karma coming back, and some call it "mirroring" (when the universe delivers to you exactly what you are giving out or focusing on). No matter what you call it, the fact remains that those that "feel" the "feelings" before the goal is accomplished are more likely to accomplish that goal. Here's what you can expect from 6 sessions:

Session 1 - free consultation

Session 2 - you will be asked to create your vision board and identify a target goal and date

Session 3 - you will learn meditation techniques and have a session of relaxation

Session 4 - your coach will have a guided meditation with you, talking about your target goal

Session 5 - your coach will continue to facilitate the guided meditation from the prior session and process thoughts and feelings afterwards.

Session 6 - you receive a CD or a audio copy of a recommended guided meditation so that you can continue this process at home until the goals are accomplished.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA in Psychology, Temple University
  • Licensed Profession Counselor
  • National Certified Counselor
  • MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology, Eastern University
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Coach
My name is Darlene M. Scott, CEO & Founder of Basic Bliss Life Coaching & Counseling, LLC and I would like to personally welcome you to my profile.

Enough of the small talk, here's a little about me: I'm invested in living life to the fullest, understanding what helps makes people reach their full potential and what makes businesses thrive. Although my background is in clinical psychology, my passion extends way beyond counseling and coaching individuals.

I am a nationally certified, licensed professional counselor and for over 18 years I have worked in the mental health field, conducted independent research and counseled individuals facing multiple challenges ranging from substance use disorder, depression, eating disorders and trauma.

I have lectured and coached individuals on a wide range of topics such as recovering from a broken heart, recovering your confidence, raising self-esteem, attracting the right people into your career space, and how to bounce back after divorce.

Areas of specialty include, trauma-focused therapy, psychoanalysis, substance use disorder, mood disorders and personality disorders, grief & loss counseling and relationship counseling.

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $1100 USD

General Phone Coaching biweekly - $20.00 to $60.00 Per Session
Per Session for Executive Coaching - $175.00
Per Session for Relationship Coaching - $125.00
Per Session for General Life Coaching -$175.00


Platinum Package
Includes 6 coaching sessions
Includes PDFs of ACTION PLAN
Session Summaries
Recommended Exercises
Price = $ 600

Gold Package
Includes 3 full coaching sessions (45 minutes)
Price = $ 350.00

Silver Package
Includes 3 brief phone coaching sessions
Price = $150.00 (20 minutes per week for 3 weeks)

*** Best Deal ****
Creative Visualization Package (Includes coaching and meditation during the session.
Price = $ 750.00
6 sessions / 1x/week for 6 weeks with guided meditations to reduce stress.

Creative visualization platinum package =
Includes 8 (60 minute) sessions over an 8 week period with guided meditation weekly.


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