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Are you having a hard day every day? Are you in transition, trying to figure what to do next? Most people have one or more hards days per week. The fact is we all have those days and we sometimes need help getting back on track. Whether it be your career, relocation, relationship, or pre-marriage transitions, there is not always a simple solution and assistance may be needed. We've all been there, allow me to be your guide today. My goal is to help you step-by-step you to becoming the best you. I am here to help transition you from where you are to where you need and want to be by walking you through individual steps catered just to meet your needs.  There is no cookie cutter for life.


Step-by-step life transitioning assistance, clients can be their best. My clients and I work together to bring their lives into focus and organize their thoughts in a realistic and reasonable manner. Clients accomplish each goal with less stress and more confidence. Making the best choice for them.Each session is catered specifically to each client. Utilizing a combination of client responsibility homework, aromatherapy, meditation, and mediation. Clients are provided varying perspectives and sessions are interactive.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional Government Ethic
  • Contract Officer Representative 2 Certification
  • DBA(ABD) in Business Leadership and ADR
  • Associates in Small Buiness Management and Labor Relations
  • MBA in Business Administration and Management
  • Notary Certification
  • Contract Law Certification
  • Ethics Specialist
  • Ordained Minister
  • Mediation Certification
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Project Management Certiciation

Dr. Darlene Williams-Prades is a professional elevation coach, Air Force veteran, mediator, reverend, entrepreneur, published poet, published novelist, federal emergency manager, and notary for the state of Maryland. Darlene is certified in contract law. Darlene was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. where she opened her first Jr. Achievement company called S&P, Inc. while in high school. She is the mother of three magnificent children, grandmother to three wonderful granddaughters and two spectacular daughters-in-law. Darlene sits on the board of directors for a non-profit and volunteers in various areas of her local church. Darlene has over 25-plus years in the fields of administration, health care, equal employment, accounting, ethics, entertainment communications, radio, television, film, customer service, human resources, and mediation she has served in the United States Air Force. Darlene has worked as a mediator with the EEOC both in San Diego, CA and Washington, DC. She has performed pro bono mediation for the Orange County Small claims court in California. She has served as the first African- American Milwaukee Regional Administrator of seven healthcare facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Darlene has served as an educator for a private Christian school in Maryland. Darlene has even taken on the task of working with gang male youth in San Bernardino, CA. Each position Darlene has held has always required strong levels of compassion, mercy, grace, patience, and the tenacity to help others. Darlene has worked in an elder care home and as a nanny. Nothing has stopped her from pursuing what is right and what will leave a positive footprint for her family and those whose lives she touches daily. I traveled to Austin, Texas to help those devastated by hurricane Harvey and after 30-days, traveled on a Merit Time ship from Corpse Christi, Texas to Puerto Rico where she remained until recently aiding the response and recovery efforts of FEMA, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Southern Baptist, Americorp, Peace Corp, and many other agencies. Darlene is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University Veteran Entrepreneur Cohort 2017. She flew in from her deployment of assisting those in Puerto Rico during hurricane Irma and Maria to graduate with her fellow veterans. Darlene has always been about a positive change of life, for others and for herself. She aspires to elevate everyone I encounter.


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Darlene Williams-Prades
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Darlene Williams-Prades PaulP Jr DOD from United states | September 24, 2019
    5 Star
    PaulP Jr DOD

    Darlene met with me and my partner . She was not shock , amazed or even ashamed. She did not bring God into the picture at all . We though since this was a gay marriage she would say .":no"! Instead this beautiful hearted woman embraced us , provided several session of couples coaching to make sure that my partner and I were on the same page. Then she married us several months later with a huge smile on her face and she made it so much fun we all just could not stop laughing She let us know that God loves all his children and that she was no different. She is loving and extremely transparent. fi she sees a wrong she steps in to make a course correct. She is fearless and cares deeply for triose she serves.
    She very personable and willing to help all who not spurious or reprobates.
    We have been married six months and since then Darlene has mediated one of our situations and we are back on track. Her mantra each time is if you are honest the no secrets can find you. So wears her heart on her sleeve., very professional.

  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Darlene Williams-Prades Marisa from United states | September 24, 2019
    5 Star
    Marisa B

    Dr. Williams was the mediator of our divorce and she was very patient, professional and allowed us to walk through the process for several months all while managing expectations.
    We appreciated the fact that she had life experience not just formal education as a firm foundation to assisting us. She help me to get my thoughts and expectations on a realistic track.
    She help my spouse to look at the "big picture" and we are doctors who have a clinic together. She helped us to separate business from personal and she did all of that through sheer transparency. If I were yo to another divorce or needed life coaching or someone to marry me it would Dr. Williams. She puts in the time to make sure that both parties know where things stand. As doctors ourselves we deeply appreciated her method of mediation.
    she was not representing either of us as an attorney. Several as the middle person and did not allow for any deception by either party. This is a great person and the best kind of mediator. She proved her worth when she drove to New Jersey and work with us for four hour on the very first meeting and laid out the do's and don'ts.
    Great mediator/ Life Coach/ Minister. We would have recommended her to many getting married and those who want to save the relationships. She's the one and she is worth much more than she charges one-hundred times over.

  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Darlene Williams-Prades Ellen Bethal from United states | September 24, 2019
    5 Star
    Ellen B .

    Darlene drove to PA to help my spouse and I work out our issues. She was fair . She didn't allow either of us to non-disclose information because we need to have various conversations And we did not do this with our her assistance. It is both my ex-spouse and or children's option that Rev. Williams did exactly what she was supposed to do and took things the extra mile by driving three hours every weekend for three weeks to make sure we got it right. As for the person who gave her the one star. One can clearly she was dishonest and wanted Rev/Dr..Williams to choose sides( hers obviously). After Rev. Williams had separate conversations with each of us she made sure we knew what each of our expectations were from the divorce. At the end of the day her honesty actually allowed us to divorce in an amerceable way and we co-parent like friends versus enemies. She is also a life coach and gave us the tools we needed to be accountable to our children. She is great at what she does. I have recommended her to serval of my friend s who are trying to save their marriage and those looking to makes in their lives. On a personal note,
    If this person giving one star had been more of an adult about the matter she would not have reason to trash rev Williams. It shows a level of great immaturity on their part. The fact is you can tell this person is bitter because her husband refuse to give her what she wanted and she needed to blame someone else and not take responsibility for the reason she was in the position in the first place. Trust me Rev/ Dr. Williams is no slouch . Our marriage ended, but we still have a friendship because of her professionalism.,

  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Darlene Williams-Prades iiigh from United states | March 02, 2019
    1 Star
    Mediation services

    Darlene was supposed to mediate equally for myself and my husband. Instead she left me blind sided to certain things and informed my husband about questions I had that did not pertain to what she was assisting with during her and I’s private video calls. My husband was the one paying her and she definitely looked out for him more as opposed to looking out for both of our best interests. She also constantly gave her opinion on personal matters when we would only ask questions about legal matters. I know that mediation involves your personal matters but this was past what it should have been.


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