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David Alber

Jiaozuo, Henan Sheng, China
I am just beginning my coaching career. I do self-confidence building.

About me

I'm a traveler and life-long learner. I've worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, the last 10 in the mutual fund industry. I left the safety of the corporate world to move overseas and start an online business. It was fantastic fun! Only, I didn't make any money. So, I re-strategized my situation and taught college English in China and Saudi Arabia. I learned a great deal about other cultures, and had the enjoyment of traveling to historical sites firsthand. I've traveled extensively in Nepal, Ethiopia, China, Thailand, Italy, Ireland, and other countries. Through these experiences, I've learned a great deal about living a more amazing life than what I thought was possible. I want to help people overcome self-confidence issues (which was my struggle), depression, and work/life balance. I want to help people think out of the box, get motivated to do the things they've been procrastinating and live a more fulfilling life.

Coaching with me

I help my clients achieve greater joy in life, a solid daily foundation in self-esteem, and positive movement in their life.
My focus isn't so much on 'future' goals, but a self-confident enjoyment of 'present' projects. I like to build enthusiasm for living your goals as enthusiastic projects in the present, rather than vague, distant, or obligatory goals somewhere in the future.

With self-esteem work, I don't believe that self-esteem is something one receives — magically — when one attains that future goal that one has invested with their own existential value. Rather, self-esteem is an existential experience, it is the moment to moment experience of yourself as valuable, worthwhile, and fundamentally good. This is an experience that can be received, accepted, and lived.


I do coaching sessions online through Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
I will develop these soon.
Ongoing training
I will develop these soon.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA
  • CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist)
I have suffered from emotionally crippling depression, self-doubt, low-self-esteem and climbed my way out of those traps. I've come to a sustained experience where depression is no longer an option anymore. I've realized that crippling psychological states can be overcome. It takes practice and conditioning to — paradoxically — train yourself to accept, enjoy, and love yourself enough enjoy your own enjoyment; to receive your own ability to receive; to love your capacity to give and receive love.

Fee description

I'm not charging right now because I want to earn coaching hours and develop my craft as a coach.


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