lifecoach £70 GBP David Furnevall David Furnevall I coach people who want to release stress from their lives and to achieve their life goals.
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David Furnevall

Blackpool, England, United Kingdom
I coach people who want to release stress from their lives and to achieve their life goals.

FEES from £50 GBP to £70 GBP for coaching packages. more...

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Coaching with me

Our Clients Often Get…*

“A’ha” moments – sudden insights and realisations of the causes of their suffering and the ability to change.

Fast results – life improves ‘pretty damn quick’ as things seem to start ‘coming together’ after just a few ‘a’ha moments’.

Lightening of the load – a release of some, or all, of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders. (Often, weight that you were completely unaware of, until it’s gone!)

Calm – a growing sense of peace in every situation.

Clarity – a knowing of who you are and what you want.

Clear sense of purpose – you will no longer settle for second-best, your life will be on your terms and give you lots of fulfilment.

Self-love – a deep love, respect and knowing of yourself.

Better health – our mental state has a big impact on our health, as our happiness increases, so does our health. And as our health improves, so does our happiness. Win-Win!

Confidence – a confidence to live how you want to live, to be who you want to be and to express yourself.

Communication skills – an ability to communicate with others better, to express your needs, to listen to others’ needs and to be able to get your needs met.

Love for others – better relationships with the people close to you and the wider world.

Smiles, laughter and fun – by being lighter we just smile and laugh more, we bring more fun into our days. The personal growth journey is one of the most fun things we can do in our life.

Making friends – by having a deep love for yourself, you will be able to share your love and care for others.

A lust for life – by being our authentic self, we jump out of bed to embrace each day with love and gratitude.

Success in all areas of life – better business, relationship, financial, health and happiness come as result of the personal growth successes listed above.

*your results may vary. You will gain from doing this work, in your own way.


We offer IN-PERSON coaching at our offices in Blackpool, UK.
We offer ONLINE coaching to clients worldwide.
Short courses or group coaching
We offer GROUP coaching at our offices in Blackpool, UK.

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Fees: from £50 GBP to £70 GBP


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