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David Richter

Business, Career and Life Coach 
Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, United States
I possess a substantial background and expertise in life, career and business coaching.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $60 USD to $725 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Utilizing a substantial background and expertise in life, career and business coaching, recruitment, counseling psychology, strategic marketing, mission discovery, business turnaround and website design, I offer a wealth of information, a pioneering strategy and an inspirational approach not found anywhere. In working with clients, I focus on those aspects of a person’s life that can be improved, and accountability in those areas where control can be exercised. I tailor strategies that encompass realistic goal-setting and timelines. I help identify obstacles, monitor progress and track results. I have shown countless individuals how to unlock their potential and capitalize on their strengths to achieve significant growth, reach their goals and make a real difference in their lives.

Coaching with me

I began this effort as a meaningful response to the challenges life presents. I help you determine what may be getting in the way of your experiencing greater happiness and fulfillment. I utilize powerful strategies that help you overcome obstacles, transform challenges into opportunities representing perfect life choices, clearly define optimal pathways toward desired endpoints and prepare you to succeed in life. Your life holds tremendous potential - you can have a terrific existence. I guide you in manifesting that potential. Regardless of your starting point, you can achieve consistent results. I am committed to providing the highest quality of support, bringing to each person a greater understanding of their potential and worth – and the means by which these can be accessed, harnessed and actualized.
In working with clients, I reach for a perspective that allows me to develop and tailor strategic initiatives which focus on revealing the obstacles and challenges that impede progress, and the goal-setting that can help produce solid results by capitalizing on strengths and learning how to overcome barriers to success.


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I offer business, career and life coaching, website design and development, marketing strategies and professional resumes. For the job candidate, I formulate and provide powerfully effective career coaching, job search strategies and consultations that get you hired, and create professional, compelling, attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters that set you apart and open the right doors. Each session is approximately one hour in length, and packages are available for multiple services selected.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MS in Counseling Psychology
  • MSEE
  • BSEE
I have been counseling and coaching individuals, couples and job candidates for over 30 years. Much of the time, my coaching is based on my own life experiences and challenges, and the powerfully effective tools and strategies I have used to go beyond the barriers to my success. Quite often, it is not what is going on out here that may prevail against us, so much as it is our reactions to life's curve balls and the ways in which we tend to sabotage ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and fears. So much of the time, success is simply a result of getting out of our own way, realizing out potential and worth, and then actualizing the outcomes we are looking for. That's been the approach I have used for myself, and the one I implement for my clients.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $725 USD

Each one-hour session is $125; a cover letter is $60; a resume with cover letter is $225.


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