lifecoach $123 USD Desi Jagger Desi Jagger Are you stuck in a job, relationship or city? I help you get unstuck, gain clarity and move forward.
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Desi Jagger

Coach Training Institute (CTI) 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Are you stuck in a job, relationship or city? I help you get unstuck, gain clarity and move forward.
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FEES from $95 USD to $123 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Are you STUCK?

Not progressing in your career. Locked into a relationship or situation that no longer serves you. Feeling trapped in a city.

I can help you GET UNSTUCK.

• I guide you to get CLARITY on your vision and values
• We jump outside the box and explore tons of PERSPECTIVES
• I challenge and support you to take ACTION, learn and move forward

My passion is developing people.

My vocation is coaching and I have been doing that since 2008 – during my time at Procter & Gamble and now full time. I am a trained co-active coach by the world’s top coach school, CTI (Coach Training Institute).

I worked in brand management at Procter & Gamble for 7 year. I understand how the corporate world works. I have experienced both the benefits of security and the frustration of being stuck ‘inside the box’.

I have been stuck plenty of times and always found creative ways to get unstuck. This includes leaving my corporate job, moving to Dubai and de-cluttering my relationships with friends and colleagues.

Want to GET UNSTUCK? Book your free consultation now.

Coaching with me


My clients have:

• quit the job they dreaded and transitioned to one that fulfils them
• let go of their fear of public speaking and given an awesome talk
• parted with the city that stifled them and moved to one that excites them



All my coaching is 1on1.

It is naturally tailored for you during each session. No pre-defined ‘10 steps to ultimate happiness’.

You can skype or phone me we can do face to face in Dubai Marina.

How does it work?

• Book your 30min free consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve and to answer any questions you have.
• Choose your Coaching package
• Book your Discovery session (1.5-2h). This is our first coaching session. We design our coaching relationship, you tell about your needs and motivations, we set goals and introduce the basics of coaching.
• Second & third coaching sessions (1h): I will usually recommend the topics for these based on your needs identified during the Discovery session. Some of these topics are: values, life purpose, inner strength, and negative voices.
• Coaching sessions after that (1h) are open to topics you choose to explore. For example, goals we have set during the Discovery Session or other challenges or dreams that come up in your daily life.
• Last session: we review your journey (we track progress throughout all sessions and the last one is like a summary). I can also help with exercises, materials and whatever else you need to continue your development.
• We stay in touch and you keep me posted on your awesome progress. I feel very proud of you. You can come back any time for more coaching.
(same as private coaching, see above)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Trained co-active coach, CTI (Coach Training Institute)
  • MA International Business & French, Edinburgh University

Fee description

Fees: from $95 USD to $123 USD


• 8 sessions @ 123$/session
• 12 sessions @ 109$/session
• 16 sessions @ 95$/session

Additional benefits:

• 30min free consultation
• The first session (Discovery) lasts 1.5h-2h but is charged as a single session
• 1 complementary coaching session for every new client you refer


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