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Diahanna Bui

Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Diahanna R Bui is a Family Relationship Expert | Common Sense Solutions for Common Family Problems
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About me

Family Relationship Expert Diahanna R Bui waited her whole life for this moment. She said, “It’s like every single hardship endured and lesson learned makes complete sense because it has prepared me for this important time in my life right now”.

Diahanna started this business because she recognized a sense of urgency that families are needing now more than ever in the home. We live in a world where children are being bullied more then ever before. Families are living completely separate lives even though they live in the same home. There is a big disconnect going on and something needs to change.

Her motto is simple, “Common Sense Solutions for Common Family Problems”. You would honestly be surprised how many parents really struggle teaching their child how to improve their self-esteem or how to fix a bully problem. And they are encountering conflicts in other areas too like getting your partner to help out more with the kids or the house or both.


I specialize in transition private life coaching for personal and professional empowerment. Your profile will be private.
I can provide online coaching through Skype or via phone.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer group courses and shall provide plans to achieve your goal.
Ongoing training
Since each family is different, there is no specific timeline to give you until after I come up with your particular program.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $75 USD

I will sit down with your family one-on-one and evaluate the situation. I do this for free of charge. After I identify the problems in the relationship, I will develop a specific plan just for your family needs.


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