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Diana Anderson

BSW, Transformational Life Coach 
Sacramento, California, United States
I help mothers find the clarity needed to rewrite their stories, and rise like the phoenix
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About me

Are you...

Lacking confidence in creating and maintaining change?

Tired of negative self-talk?

Battling with old patterns and ways of thinking?

I’ve been there too

I was filled with all these dreams and wants, and I would attempt to take the steps but, I often dealt with imposter syndrome or negative self-talk that would eventually convince me into giving up or in these same cycles of thinking that just wasn’t helping me get from point A to B efficiently. Not to mention trying to parent and take care of everyone else’s needs. I just wasn’t getting anything done, ended up wasting a lot of time, and was creating an absurd amount of stress and chaos that could have been omitted had I known a smoother process to go about doing things. It wasn’t until I went inside to create what I wanted outside.

As a certified Transformation Life Coach from Transformation Academy, who uses transferable skills from my bachelor's in Social Work from CSU-Sacramento. I now work with Mothers from a client-centered approach by guiding them back to their inherently sacred and powerful selves through recognition, reconsideration, and repositioning.

Transformation (Mindset) Life Coaching uses a framework that gives you firsthand rights as an author and the ability to rewrite your story, rekindle your passion, and rise like the phoenix you aspire to be.


Coaching with me


You will:

  • Have clarity on how limiting beliefs can prolong a growth mindset

  • Feel courageous when dismantling negative beliefs that are no longer serving

  • Be inspired with new perspectives of self. 

  • Have firsthand rights as an author with the ability to rewrite your story

  • Feel confident in taking practical action steps towards your aspirations

  • Be receptive to your worthiness

  • Have self-compassion that nurtures the soul and honors needs

  • Feel fierce as you flourish into the new you



My intuitive coaching style helps me connect quickly with clients, and fosters my efforts towards creating a safe and confidential environment that encourages a collaborative effort between the coach and client relationship that which in turn nurtures open dialogue and clear communication.



If you're a Mom trying to activate your inner peace, reduce stress, find clarity with your aspirations, shift out of your negative mindset or feel unfulfilled with daily life circumstances. You are in the right place and here’s how I can help.

Mothers Shifting Mindset is a 3-month program that helps you gain clarity on how limiting beliefs can prolong a growth mindset, is personalized and client-centered, and transitions you into better aligning with your higher self.

Here’s how working with me will take you from points A-B-C

Month 1 Will focus on Clarity of self. You’ll be diving deep into clarifying what you really want by identifying the who, what, and the why aspect of who you are trying to be. By doing so you are able to understand your needs. Clarify your desires and commit to your journey of change

Month 2 Will focus on Reassessing your identity and transformation. These weeks are highly personalized and are dependant on each woman’s needs based on her 1st month’s assessment. Some examples could be dealing with Fear of Judgment, Low self-confidence, etc.

Month 3 Is all about Forward Thinking. During these weeks you have solidified the ideas of self and are getting ready to put them into action in month 3, you’re actively transforming and maintaining those transformations by planning and setting achievable action steps to complete your goals and aspirations.


**Online Coaching Option**

As a busy mother myself I understand the importance of time and the constraints that come with parenthood, the need for anonymity, and the comfort of using a computer. I’ve made available an Online Coaching option that better suits a busy mother's schedule. This option is fully remote and all coaching is done through the online coaching system.


30 min Free Discovery Call

12- Weekly scheduled Progress Coaching (communication is via text)

A personalized program with tailored tools and techniques.

Accessible communication, follow-up, accountability, and task reminder through the Online Coaching System between working hours.


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelors in Social Work
  • Transformation Life Coaching
  • Cultural Diversity

Throughout my social services career, I have a proven ability to work amongst a variety of populations while also creating and maintaining a safe environment. My background consists of advocacy, community organization, life coaching, nonprofit, education, healing services, and mental health. I have a working knowledge of the many systemic barriers of marginalized populations and have a passion for social and healing justice, with a commitment to being a change advocate.

Others have described me as self-motivated, and hardworking with excellent interpersonal skills. I'm reliable, trustworthy, punctual, empathic, and humorous when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm committed to creating content that benefits an individual's mind, body, and soul. And I am a firm believer that All human beings are worthy and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Fee description

Fees: from $1200 USD to $1350 USD

This 3-month program occasionally goes on sale and gives you the option to make monthly payments


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