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Diana Miller

Job Search Strategist 
Stow, Ohio, United States
Certified Life Coach, LinkedIn Profile Writer and Professional Resume Writer
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FEES from $50 USD to $150 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I have a dynamic effect on audiences that few speakers match. Whether she speaks before government agencies, professional job search groups, criminal justice staff, or inmates, I deliver my message with impact and style.

A product of many transitions and changes myself; my background makes me a powerful communicator with all groups of people. The depth of my unique ability bridges cultural, racial, educational, and economic gaps. My unique skills allow me to enter situations of conflicting interests and create solutions that lead to success for everyone.

I am the Founder/Director of the Community Job Club, Inc., and has been nationally recognized as a job club architect committed to getting job seekers over job search hurdles and helping businesses thrive in challenging times.

I have consulted with government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor and the White House Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership Office, and supported community leaders involved in the establishment of community based job clubs.

I will help you manage your job search campaign if you are a business executive or someone just starting out to clarify your vision, eliminate roadblocks, and implement action plans that achieve success. This could include interview coaching, career exploration, job search campaign, strategic planning, networking techniques, salary-negotiation strategies, value-based resume writing, and more.

Coaching with me

How do I know if a Career Coach is Right for Me?

Do you need help creating an action plan to implement a career change?
Are you seeking more success and satisfaction in your career?
Are you concerned about job stability and your ability to compete in today’s job market?

Are you satisfied in your current career but looking for ways to improve and advance?

Career Coaching Sessions May Include:

An assessment of your talents, strengths, and values as well as clarification of your career interests and goals.

Creation of a personal job search marketing strategy including resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques and social networking tools.

Creation of an action plan to get your started and keep you motivated during your job search
My approach is more of a holistic approach allowing clients to explore and share stories that helps to identify "how they got to place they are now" and build a vision of where they want to go. Helping clients develop strategies and insights of reaching their visions that will lead to success. I also believe in holding clients accountable in completing what they agree to complete in order to be successful.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Are you currently looking for a new position, but don't know where to begin?

Are you wondering how to incorporate job search engines, social media sites, recruiters, targeted company research, and in-person networking into your job search campaign?

I would love to help you put together a comprehensive job search action plan that addresses each of these critical elements!

TIME: Variable depending on client needs

PRICING: $75 per one hour phone session or $120 per one hour face-to-face session

Packages available so book your FREE consultation to determine
what is your best direction.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching program is designed for top executives, CEOs, leaders, directors and managers who are motivated to increase their leadership effectiveness, productivity, efficiency, and bottom line results.

We offer customized coaching that builds upon and expands the leadership competencies, influencing skills and experiential scope of the developing or seasoned executive.

Leadership Development
Communicate more effectively and get the most out of your team
Coach your team to better results and motivate them from within
Improve interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
Move past limiting self-beliefs and identify blind spots
Boost your own visibility and value within the organization
Develop Your Organizations Growth
Create and implement strategic plans with your own personal accountability partner
Reduce turnover and create a culture that inspires peak performance
Increase efficiency in executing projects and plans
Thrive during organizational changes and transitions
Balance Your Life, Work & Stress
Learn critical skills to create work-life balance
Manage and reduce stress
Align your passions and strengths with your work
Make positive and long lasting behavioral changes
Improve health and fitness to increase energy
All private coaching can be delivered online or in person
Short courses or group coaching
We offer a variety of on line courses and group coaching.

Ongoing training
Looking for your dream job?

The Community Job Club's Professional Networking and Job Search Assistance programs can help you leverage cutting edge job search techniques including free social media tools so you can find a new opportunity at the pay you deserve and fast.

We offer free and low cost group services.

Community Job Club's Professional Networking in-person meetings are held twice per month on the the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the following locations.

2nd Wednesday
Record Publishing Company,
1050 W. Main St., Kent

4th Wednesday
Goodwill Akron
570 Waterloo Rd, Akron

Online courses are also available

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Live Coach
  • Certified LinkedIn Profile Writer
  • BA in Business Mangement
  • Career management workshops
  • Many resume workshops
Diana's innovative approach to developing an organized job search campaign and business marketing plan has yielded success for many clients, which is no coincidence given my experience and expertise. Additionally, the personal marketing materials, LinkedIn profiles and career and business campaign strategies can cut your job search time by as much as 80%, maximizing your job campaign efforts and gaining you thousands in wages and benefits.

Diana's strategies and processes are tailored to each unique situation and the value based resumes are customized to tell your unique story in a way that highlights your strengths, hides your weaknesses and markets you in a persuasive, compelling way to hiring authorities, decision makers, executives and recruiters.Simply put, she offers career and business services that will facilitate navigating your way to success faster than you ever imagined possible.

Diana is the founder of the Career Navigation Group, LLC., and a nationally recognized career management consultant, job club architect and job campaign strategist, committed to getting job seekers over job search hurdles and helping communities thrive in challenging times. She is a Executive Career Strategist, Small Business Success Coach, the Founder/Executive Director of the Community Job Club, Inc. a non-profit career management organization, and Team Leader/Senior Consultant for REA, (Ricklin-Echikson Associates, Inc.)

Diana has consulted with government agencies including the U.S. Department Labor and the White House Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership Office, and supported community leaders involved in the establishment of community based job clubs.

As an Executive Career Strategist and resume writer, she specializes in managing job search campaigns for business executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals to clarify their vision, eliminate roadblocks, implement action plans, and achieve success.

As a Business Success Coach Diana can work one-on-one to create strategies for personal and/or business success. Together, we will develop a success plan that will help turn passion into profits. Diana will focus on small business owners who want to improve their business development strategies.

Diana is also a Certified LinkedIn Profile Writer, 5 Steps Trainer, Life Coach and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $150 USD

Fees are based on type of service and client needs.


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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Getting Over Job Search Hurdles Diana Miller from United states | January 04, 2015
    5 Star
    Great Book

    This book really helped me get focused on my job search.


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