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Diana Smith-Smith

Life Coach in real life for others 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Life gets messy and I have learned how to help others clean it up
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About me

The mind is a fragile tool, and it needs to work well. If it gets damaged, it can be a rough road. Emotions and mental health are affected from the the damage. 

Bad choices can be made and harm takes place. It can be a tough recovery for the owner of the damaged brain. What to do?

Learn how to heal the damage and live more freely despite the damage done.  This is what I had to do after losing an adult child. I had to learn to heal. 

Brain Pain is real. I believe in finding ways for my clients to discover their ways to heal with inner peace. What does it take? Time. It is your friend and so am I. 

Coaching with me


Your goal is my goal!It is so important to feel the results as time passes. 

Sometimes, people feel a heavy stigma about therapy even if it is called coaching, because it may resonate a sign of weakness. Actually, it is a sign of strength, as it reflects the willingness to be a better you. It is a powerful force within seeking a higher status of self. 

A great coach will focus on strength and build on that to create a greater sense of self for the client. That is exciting as it can change a life and allow the client to achieve higher goals and live the life of success. 



I like to listen and learn. Together, we find goals that are achievable one step at a time. 

Some people like to journal, and others do not. Thoughts are important as they come and go with time. It is self-talk. Writing them down can change how everything as a flittering thought can have more impact than realized. 

I love to go deep beyond the GOAL to find a root that is causing a greater issue. Roots can often affect more than just a goal, it can be a trauma from the past harming the future. 

Jumping too fast can cause harm, as you might miss something along the way that is needed to assist in progress. Finding the right pace for you is important and strategic for long-term success. 




Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


This is in person with dedicated time just for you. It is not cheap, but the results are priceless. 

The charge is $150 per hour. 


Please check out my website for one-time and 3 month coaching offers. 

Experience, Certifications and Training


Complicated grief and severe depression was a horrible journey I endured for almost seven years. It was because my youngest natural daughter was killed by a drunk driver on my birthday in 2011.

After that journey, I studied mental health and the brain to learn more about my mental health challenges. It was amazing and rewarding. My brain became a sponge and the new knowledge has led me to want to help others overcome challenges that are blocking their lives.  

My years of raising children and grandkids have empowered me to realize how much I saw in them to support them to overcome their challenges. My life is further enriched with the support of a wonderful husband that has always been there through the thick and the thin. 

My experiences and new found knowledge have strengthened my life to help others. 


Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD

Single coaching session = $100 for 45 minutes

3-month = $500 for 9 45-minute session


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