lifecoach $40 USD Diane Combs Diane Combs certified life coach to help with life's obstacles. My dream and purpose its to help guide you.
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Diane Combs

Certified Life Coach 
Portland, Maine, United States
certified life coach to help with life's obstacles. My dream and purpose its to help guide you.
Life coach finding your lifes purpose, Procrastination ,and Sympathy coach

FEES to $40 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I guess its time to write about what im doing and what for- If GOD gave me a calling it is Music. Its my passion and has always been. Second runner up its People. I love people and getting inside of their head and learning about them. That is from my childhood when I would watch a show called Biography. OH HOW I LOVED IT!! I didn't care who it was about that week I was watching and seeing what made them tick. fast forward to a year ago or so. Really, just quietly searching my soul knowing I was more that an office person. Life coach kept coming up for me. And being so less than perfect the beauty is I can be really flawed but still help you. I dont have any answers but Ive got really great questions, so hence my new part time career. Most people and probably you included, have never asked themselves powerful questions in an attempt to figure out what they are passionate about,and try to live life with purpose. its my passion now, and finding it for you.
ask yourself what would you do even if you did not get paid for it, what is the time in your life you felt most creative. what seems easy for you to do. just these few questions can awaken your subconscious mind and you'll begin searching within yourself for your passion and loving what do and were meant to do! you are here for a reason , I can help you find out the reason why you are here. and what your career should have me for a free initial consultation.

Coaching with me

Finding your purpose in life, its never to late!


private in person, phone
Ongoing training
ongoing until you are fulfilled and reach your goal!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • certified through universal class
  • life coach class, specializing in procrastination , living a purposeful life,

Fee description

Fees: to $40 USD

Initial consultation free then we will decide what is needed for you and I to work together


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