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Dina Schulsinger

Relationship Coach M.Ed, MFT, CFC 
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I'm a caring person that values the importance of healthy relationships. I can help you with yours.

About me

As a certified family coach, I hold both a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and in Education. Currently I am in a PhD program in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior. As a happily married wife of 24 years, the mother of a daughter with special needs, a son with a gifted IQ, and a volunteer as a state advocate working with abused and neglected children, I have the knowledge, the practice, and the sensitivity to assist families come together and develop the necessary coping skills to work through the unexpected. My experience is working with families, couples, and individuals just like you through various life’s obstacles facilitating an opportunity for you to overcome presenting challenges.

I offer my clients a strong, yet caring and nurturing relationship coach that will help you attain the relationship you desire with your spouse, your children, your siblings, your friends, your in-laws, and co-workers. If you are ready to put in the effort, I am the coach that will stay by your side to help you make it happen.

I am committed to helping you rebuild your relationship. I BELIEVE your relationship IS worth saving. Call Me.

Coaching with me

All you want to do is get through a meal without fighting. You want the constant noise of her nagging voice to stop.

You want to feel listened to, appreciated, and not ignored.

You want to be first in your spouse’s world not last. Even the dog gets attention before you.

What happened to the person you married and fell in love with?

You want to be able to forgive your spouse’s infidelity but you are having a hard time trusting them again.

You almost dread your child coming home from school for round 13 of the screaming, fighting, and door slamming.

You’re tired of fighting with your husband over the children. You don’t see eye to eye on your parenting methods and the kids are beginning to play you off each other.

If only you could get the children to mind what you say by parenting them in a positive manner.

You spend all day working and are tired of having to police the children from their constant fighting, grabbing, and screaming.

If any of these scenarios or other relationship issues sound familiar then I can help you resolve these issues and develop healthy communication skills and positive parenting methods.
I am an involved coach that uses a variety of methods to produce results in a short period of time. Focusing on the solutions helping you recognize and concentrate on your strengths not dwelling on the shortcomings. “Focus on the doughnut not on the whole”. In addition, in between our weekly sessions I encourage all my clients to journal with me allowing us to stay in contact. By journaling, I am able to stay in communication with you getting an accurate account of what goes on during the week and offering you feedback, instead of waiting a week to recount the facts. We work as a team to help you obtain the results you want.


I offer individual, couple, or family coaching both in person and over the phone, My sessions are 60 minutes once a week with daily confidential journaling sessions between you and your coach for more up to date interactions and reflection.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Masters in Education
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention
I am a certified family and relationship coach who holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a Master’s Degree in Education. Currently I am involved in a PhD program in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior. More so, I am a mother of two - a daughter with special needs and a gifted teenage son. I have been happily married for 24 years and know the hurdles and the work it takes to maintain a happy and loving marriage. I am a cancer survivor, a working mom, the oldest of four children, and I am one of you. I have the experience and the sensitivity to assist families come together and develop the necessary coping skills to work through unexpected and lifelong difficulties. My goal is to help others by sharing my knowledge and experience. I have the will, the desire, the understanding and the empathy that allows me to work with families, couples, parents, children, siblings and individuals through their relationship and parenting challenges. My focus is not assisting clients to dwell on the past but to help individuals and families who desire to resolve and create their desired future by overcoming their relationship conflicts.

I currently have a private practice in the Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona area but in addition work with clients telephonically, and online in order to accommodate most schedules. I look forward to working with you.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $900 USD

$100 for individual sessions $900 for a 3 month package, a $300 savings.


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