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Donald Gibson

Christian Marriage Coach: CPC, CRC, 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Preparing Couples to Have Successful, Fun, Strong, Purpose Driven Marriages Through God's Word.

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About me

I heard TD Jakes in 2011 say our purpose is in our pain. One pain I had growing up was my father not being there. Not having him at games or practices was part of my pain. Every time I seen a father doing things with their child, it touched me in a deep way. When I had kids I was going to be there for them no matter what.

Wanting to be with my kids led me into another pain, my marriage. Sounds harsh I know, but it's the truth. I wanted to leave my marriage a number of times. Then I heard TD Jakes say, "The lord said if you leave Ziklag you will miss the crown. Do cry if you must but don't move until you get your crown because when I send the crown I will send the power to the place of your pain and until you can deal with your pain you can't receive your power. Stop avoiding it. Your power is in ur pain." The power, my purpose in life was in my pain.

Our purpose in life is to fulfill God's purpose. I'm doing that now by being a life and relationship coach; specializing in christ centered marriages. I'm helping keep fathers in homes so kids won't have the pain I had. I'm showing families how to avoid the pain I went through in marriage so that their kids can grow in a stable home filled with God's word. Most importantly I'm helping people find purpose in their lives, marriages and all of their relationships.

God told me, "Hold on stay right where you are. I'm going to use this situation to show you where I want you to be. I'm going to use this situation to mold you into who I said you were years ago. You are going to see what I put in you a long time ago but you didn't understand it was from me."

God told me he wanted to use me but I first must learn how to handle the circumstances I was in. What I was going through in my life and with my wife was building the character I needed to become who God needed me to become in order to put me where he wanted me to be. Just like he did with David, he used my difficulties to mold me. Like David I became tired and wanted to leave. I lost faith. But when things crashed and burned, I returned to him.

Now I want to help you become who God needs you to become in order to put your marriage where he wants it to be for his purpose.

Coaching with me


The Bible tells us "study to show thyself approved."

Through my coaching, I help couples by developing them into individuals qualified and approved to be married by:

Helping you find your Purpose
Helping you study and understand the Purpose of marriage
Giving you all the tools needed to have a successful marriage


I like to coach through giving God's word first.



Make your marriage new through finding purpose for your marriage

Ongoing training

Premarital Marriage Preparation

6 Month Marriage Preparation-Tools that prepare your for a God focused successful marriage. Setting a vision and family plan

9 Month Marriage Preparation-Same as 6 Month Marriage Preparation with an additional 3 months focused specifically on finding your purpose. After all God gives us a helper to accomplish a purpose. If we don't know our purpose, we are wasting time having a helper.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Bereavement Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD


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