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Dr Gary Wood

Solution Focused Life Coach 
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Chartered Psychologist and Author Providing Solution-Focused Coaching
Life coach Executive coach
Communication coach Success coach

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About me

Hi I'm Gary Wood.

If I had to pick three things that sum up my work it would be: (i) based on evidence (ii) focused on solutions and (iii) humour.

Principally I'm a social psychologist specializing in attitudes and stereotypes. I use this expertise to inform my coaching practice. In book 'Unlock Your Confidence' I liken low confidence and esteem to a kind of 'self-prejudice'. When we have a downer on ourselves we don't see the point in trying. By taking this unique approach I'm able to use work on 'prejudice reduction' which clients really respond to. It's just seems to help things to click and make sense.

My previous book (Don't Wait For Your Ship to Come In. . . Swim Out to Meet It!) was based on a series of workshops I did with my psychology students that I put on in my own time. The title came about as a joke. The publisher didn't like any of my suggestions and couldn't think of any suitable alternatives. I blurted out this phrase thinking that it would inspire them to think of something. Instead, they said they liked it. The book has been translated into several languages and I'm please to say that even with my modest language skills, I can tell that some of my jokes survived translation.

We learn more efficiently when we relax and I think humour is a great tool for teaching. We tend to forgot ourselves when we laugh. There's now a whole lot of evidence to back this up. Stress tends to focus out thoughts and decisions on survival. It triggers the fight or flight thing which puts on the cognitive blinkers. When we relax we are able to access a broader and richer range of emotions, thoughts, skills and strengths.

That's what I like about the solution-focused approach to coaching. It's all about getting people into empowered states. It's all about the goals but takes a much more natural and human approach.

Coaching with me

- build confidence and boost low self-esteem
- Work-life balance
- supporting career transitions
- supporting new business start ups
- supporting project management
- supporting health and wellness goals
- improve communication skills
- relaxation and stress reduction

Also Academic coaching:
- examination success
- essay writing
Building on my qualifications in psychology, I have studied several coaching models including performance coaching, cognitive-behavioural coaching and some 'inspirational' models of life coaching. However, I mainly now use solution-focused brief coaching. It emphasizes taking stock of existing skills and strengths and making small, meaningful steps in line with your goals.

Solution Focused Brief Coaching pretty much follows the Tanzanian proverb 'Little by little, a little becomes a lot'


- Face-to-face coaching in Birmingham and Edinburgh
- Solution-Focused Coaching / Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching

- Birmingham Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
- Edinburgh: Monthly appointments only (please ask for details)

Telephone coaching (8:30am to 8:00pm)
50 minute or 75 minute sessions
(also Cafe Coaching - if you prefer a less formal approach - please ask for details)
- Skype coaching (garywood.psy)
- 50 minute or 75 minute sessions
Short courses or group coaching
Unlock Your Confidence Workshops (based on the book of the same name)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BSc(Hons) - Human Psychology (Aston University, UK)
  • PgC - Professional Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (Aston University, UK)
  • PhD - Doctorate in Social Psychology (Aston University, UK)
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching (NCFE, Newcastle College, UK)
  • Certificate in Life Coaching (NCFE, Newcastle College, UK)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching (NGFE, Newcastle College, UK)
  • Certificate in Coaching (Cognitive Behavioural) - Centre for Coaching, London, UK
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy Skills - University of Birmingham, UK
  • Certificate in Human Relations (Sandwell College, UK)
  • Certificate in Counselling (Sandwell College, UK)
  • Silva Method Graduate (Dynamic Meditation)
My coaching career began in 1994 when I began teaching psychology. Part of the role was to offer pastoral care and support. Initially this was supposed to be to help students with statistics but broadened out as students began dropping by for help with coping generally with the demands of academia.

In 2002, I began working with mature, part-time psychology students. I recognized the courage it took to step back into the classroom, I had been a mature student studying psychology. What I noticed with these students is that they had very little self-belief. Although, I had trained as a teacher I figured that extra training in coaching would be useful. That's how I did my first coaching course in 2003. During the time with these students I put on additional personal development courses in my own time. These courses formed the basis of my book 'Don't Wait For Your Ship to Come In. . . Swim Out to Meet It!'.

What I noticed is that as I shifted the emphasis to focus on building the confidence of my students, I noticed that my confidence in my own abilities also increase. This became the main theme in my book 'Unlock Your Confidence', in which i introduce the confidence-karma principle: we build confidence in ourselves by building it in others.

I have run confidence-karma workshops with a broad range of people from all backgrounds. We always have a lot of fun.

When I attended a course on Solution Focused Brief Therapy I was intrigued as to how I might apply it to coaching. I didn't have to try very hard. Many of the tools and techniques translate so well into the coaching arena that I hardly have to tweak them.

I love the solution-focused approach. It is very human, very nurturing, very life affirming. At the same time, we never take our eyes off the goal. It is always about moving forward in small meaningful steps.
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Fee description

Fees: from $57 USD to $137 USD

Discounts for block bookings of FOUR sessions or more.
Discount 2N% (where N is the number of sessions)

Skype and telephone coaching from £57 (50 mins), £77 (75 mins)
Face to face coaching from £97 (50 mins), £137 (75 mins).


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