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Dr. Karen L Donald

Life / Parent Coach, Counselor 
Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Author, Certified Life and Parent Coach, Dr. of Counseling, International Conference Leader/Speaker

About me

As a Dr. of Spiritual Counseling, Motivational Speaker, Certified Coach, and
Trainer, Dr. Karen is a restored personal who is truly taking advantage of life and sharing it with the world! She is truly a woman of personal victory.
From various forms of abuse abandonment and depression, she not
only has overcome these life-threatening obstacles, she has
dedicated her life to helping others toward inner peace and freedom.

Dr. Karen is a certified Life, Parent and Intervention Specialist who has served national communities and shared her talents internationally, working in Africa and South America. She has worked to coordinate international programs for homeless and impoverished families

She is the the developer of a signature women’s movement for empowerment that launched in June of 2009 entitled Karen L. Donald’s 100% Woman In Me! She was also named YWCA Woman of the Year in the area of Leadership for Western Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Karen is the author of From Trash to Treasure which is a book of motivation and inspiration for men, women and teens. She shares a story of her own life and uses the powerful testimonial to teach others how to be empowered from their past and and have a prosperous future.

Coach Karen also co-authored a book entitled Breaking Free: Overcoming Self-Sabotage Written by
contributing authors from Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, U.K., and the United States.
This book is a must-read for women internationally who seek new strategies for breaking free from

She is also a writer for a number of on-line magazines and article bases.
Known for being the “2nd Chance Living Coach” is a keynote speaker, trainer and media specialist.

Coaching with me

I want to see my clients be able to be empowered and grow in the areas that I am contracted for. Our goals in each session will be documented and accounted for. Each client is valuable and have come for a specific reason. My mission will be to hear them with openness to understand their need(s), work towards results, offering wisdom/knowledge in that area. Making an investment in their lives means that I am making an investment as well.
My coaching style is very transparent while being professional. You as an individual, your group, family etc are in my hands for a specific time. I will make sure that everyone is treated with respect It is important for the Coach to create a space that allows honesty while I offer the knowledge I have within a specific topic for your growth and success. If there is an area that I do believe needs to be addressed that is outside of my Coaching/ Counseling expertise, I will offer to also make recommendations for further services with someone within that field.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Working with individuals 1 on 1 via telephone in one or more of the areas that is Dr. Karen's expertise. Areas of encouragement, counseling and inspiration to name a few.
Working with individuals in a particular area that work well with handouts and information needed for the specific topic. This will be a very powerful tool to offer you information that you can look back on and study when needed.
Short courses or group coaching
Your group, organization, family, etc can take part in a group coaching session on topics that will empower/inspire for self-improvement and growth. Great for small business, non profits and more! Topics can include, but not limited to, sales, goal setting, leadership, team building and more!
Ongoing training
At different times of each quarter of the year, Dr. Karen will offer topics that you will be able to take for a period of 4-6 weeks that you will be certified in upon completion.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certification-Family Intervention/Social Work
  • Certification-Social and Child Phycology
  • Dr. Spiritual Counseling
  • Certified Crisis Counselor
  • Family Coach
  • Life and Parent Coaching 3 levels
  • Effects of Domestic Violence in Adults and Children
  • Self Esteem Coach
  • Program Development and team building
I have professionally worked in the areas of Life and Parent Coaching for over 18 years. As a published Author or 3 self-improvement books and a number of articles in magazines and web, I have touched lives globally in areas of healing and self improvement, mind, body and soul. Also having a background in radio/TV, I work with many show host as a contributor in high profile and social topics along with being a producer of my own talk show.

My life as a drug and alcohol abuser, rape and abuse victim, I offer information about myself, my recovery and steps to empowerment through your own story and life. My journey with depression and abuse started as a young child. At a part of my life, I had that moment that told me to get up and get moving into the next level, learning to live and love myself first. I am able to work with clients and speak honestly about what concerns them the most in a non-judgmental platform.

My Coaching, speaking, writing and media opportunities are dedicated to helping others professionally understand who they are from the inside out and how to make life work for them over and over again.   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $55 USD to $800 USD

Private-$55 1/2 hour via phone, On line-$75 per Hour, Group- $300 for 1 hour, Ongoing training including Certificate Of Completion, $800 for up to 30 attendees. Prices for groups and Ongoing training may change according to course


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