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Dr. Kevin Fleming

NYC, New York, United States
I am a thought leader in the neuroscience of behavior change featured in top media outlets worldwide

About me

Clients hire me when therapy, feel good coaching or traditional self-help has let them down; that is, they have discovered that the rational mode of influence (telling, prodding, information) hasn't worked, as well as trite "motivation and goal-setting" kind of things endemic to most basic level coaches. As a PhD level specialist in the brain and human nature's dance with the laws of behavior, I approach all engagements with a sophistication and a humor that engages people in a "TED-talk" type feel every session. We leverage top tier neurotechnologies if need be, and can customize all coaching retainers from a "private retreat/intensive" to virtual, to lengthier engagements.

Coaching with me

I help my clients do what self-help, other coaches, and their 'rational brain' can't seem to do----actually change behavior
I am a passionate coach that is highly responsive in all I do. Be it near immediate responding via text and email, or concocting creative ways to create leverage where one can't see it, I work with high energy and insight that I believe is rare.


Specialized upper-level executive & corporate coaching services: success, performance, life-balance, relationship dynamics, etc
Short courses or group coaching
Professional coaching from a keynote speaking perspective for groups, businesses & corporations.
Ongoing training
Ongoing support provided.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA, MA, and PhD from University of Notre Dame
  • Postdoctoral Residency in Consulting Psychology, Univ of Wyoming
  • Certified Brain Technologist
Dr. Kevin J. Fleming is a three time graduate from the prestigious University of Notre Dame (BA, MA, PhD) where he became one of the youngest graduate PhD students in their counseling/clinical psychology program. After furthering his Postdoctoral Residency training in neuroscience and behavioral medicine and a short stint in clinical neuropsychology, he was recruited to go into a start-up company as the Director of Training and Development for a health behavior change company that contracted with both government and corporate entities on devising emotionally intelligent solutions for employees to change. His expertise in coaching/training on emotional intelligence (EQ) in business was critical in giving clients a 2:1 ROI on health care expenditures. It was also the basis for the launching of his unique, current company Grey Matters International, Inc. which devises “customized” private behavior change work around human nature issues that seem to defy rational means of influence---be it addiction, relationship oriented, or other complicated emotional factors resulting from at-risk decisions of the celebrity or high profile lifestyle. A thought leader in “neuroleadership,” Dr. Fleming is a sought after expert worldwide on how organizations, governmental departments, and individual leaders can leverage brain-centric knowledge to make success via training and coaching stick. His work was recently featured as a whole chapter in a book that hit the tops of Wall Street and NY Times bestselling charts in Spring of 2012 (Adrian Gostick, ALL IN)

With nearly 15 years of accrued experience working on 5 continents, he has been a featured expert on “neuroscience of behavior change” in The New York Times, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, and was asked by producers of “20/20” to be one of their experts on celebrity addiction. He has keynoted on forgotten areas of business transformation that elude most “trainers and consultants”for a who’s who audience of Middle East business leaders, which even included in attendance a Cabinet Member for the King of Jordan. He has received endorsements from faculty from BOTH the Harvard Medical and Harvard Business Schools. His work is rich with both sophistication and humor around the irrationalities of human decision making (neuroeconomics) and how to get the brain to change these tendencies in us all.

His clients have included top government officials (including coaching a Cabinet Member for the Clinton Administration) as well as elite Fortune 100 executives on various psychological aspects of healing. His corporate clients have included such notables as The University of Notre Dame, E&J Gallo Wineries, City of Calgary (Canada), Pfizer, Chevron, and Davita.

In addition to being considered as one of the top executive coaches globally (published with the great Marshall Goldsmith, the late Stephen Covey, and Deepak Chopra), he is a Certified Brain Technologist with Brainstate Technologies neurotechnologies and the U.S. Ambassador for the International Regulatory Body of Coaching and Mentoring, affiliated with the U.N. He is also on the Advisory Board of Eon Reality, Inc., a neuroscience based virtual reality training company for high performing populations. He resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Tulsa, OK and enjoys singing/songwriting and recording as a semi-professional recording artist.
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