lifecoach $125 USD Dr. Larry Cohen Dr. Larry Cohen Life, Couples & Professional Coach. I also offer1-on-1 life skills and business training modules.
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Dr. Larry Cohen

Ph.D., Certified Life Coach 
Haddon Township, New Jersey, United States

Life, Couples & Professional Coach. I also offer1-on-1 life skills and business training modules.

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FEES from $120 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

As your coach, I have the privilege of assisting you move forward in your life as you successfully reach your personal or professional goals. Your goals may be those you have been striving to reach over time, or new goals we identify during our work together. My job is to help you go farther than you thought possible. I will work to inspire you, and to increase your motivation. If you are ready to do the work, I will keep you on track to complete the steps necessary to reach your goals. I will keep you accountable, and I will guide you when necessary.

Coaching is a highly dynamic, motivational partnership between equals. You are not a diagnosis - I am your coach, and I focus on your growth. My role is to challenge you, and to help you to identify areas of your life you find most meaningful. Whether your goals are personal or professional, we will define them, plan, prepare, and do the work necessary to meet them. Intelligence, tenacity, and patience will lead us to success.

Working with a coach is a unique way of working on yourself. We are not doctor and patient, and our relationship allows for greater honesty and openness. Expect to be challenged, and expect to dig deep to identify the changes you need to make to improve your life. Together, we will work to enhance your self-awareness and boost your motivation. We will focus on inspiration, self-evaluation, and self-discipline. I will support you fully as we follow new roads to self-discovery and change.

I offer both individualized coaching and time-limited 1-on-1 training modules. Training modules focus on life skills or professional areas, and include Self-Awareness, 20's Transition, Assertiveness, Communication, Relational Skills, Time Management, and many others.

To learn more about my practice, please call me, request a free consultation, or visit my website.

Coaching with me


Overcome personal and professional challenges, and realize your personal and professional goals. Together, we will work to boost your motivation and enhance your self-awareness. We will focus on inspiration, self-evaluation, and self-discipline. To make life changes and realize your goals requires planning and action. We will work together to meet your goals, be they personal or professional. Through commitment and hard work, the coaching process will deliver the life you imagined, freeing you up to will live a happier, more successful life.


Our work together is different from the work you would do in psychotherapy. My years of experience working as a psychotherapist has helped me clarify what I believe coaching truly is - a motivational partnership between equals. I am your coach, and I focus on your growth. My role is to challenge you, to help you to identify what areas of your life are most meaningful, and to work with you on your success. Doing this work requires our having a judgment-free partnership, a safe environment where you can do what you need to grow, change, and move in new directions. Connection, unconditional positive regard, and acceptance are essential elements in building a safe and trusting relationship. Trusting and accepting relationships allow you to look deep inside yourself, and to discover and share who you are. A judgment-free environment will be ever present when we work together. You will have the freedom to be who you are. I will hear you, I will work with you on accepting your full self, good and bad, and to love who you are. I believe personal change only flourishes in accepting, non-judgmental environments. In partnership, we will work to change your life, to find greater happiness and success.   more ...



I offer individual & couples coaching to address internal obstacles such as self-sabotage, faulty thinking, and dysfunctional behaviors, as well as external obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals. Our sessions can be in person or by telephone. 1-on-1 training modules take place at my South Jersey office.

Short courses or group coaching

In addition to offering individual coaching, I offer time-limited 1-on-1 training modules. These modules last from 4 to 12 weeks, and cover life skills or business-focused areas. Available modules include Self-Awareness, 20's Transition, Goal Setting and Attainment, Assertiveness, Communication, Relational Skills, Time Management, Motivational Enhancement, Stress Management, among others. Please visit my website for the complete list of available modules.

Ongoing training

Although training modules are time-limited, many clients continue coaching and training in areas of specific interest to them once the module has ended. For example, Self-Awareness, 20's Transition, and Goal Setting clients often continue their work in individualized coaching sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ph.D., Glendale University
  • Certified Life Coach
  • M.A., The University of Chicago

In my life, I have suffered while facing profound life challenges. I have experienced addictions, depression, intimacy issues, and relational problems. Today, I consider myself a survivor. Thankfully, throughout my lifetime, I have had the privilege of working with caring professionals who helped me learn to accept myself fully, to find my direction, and meet my goals. I owe my success to the caring professionals I worked with, and I am honored to be among their ranks, first as an addictions counselor in the early ‘90’s, then as a psychotherapist, and now as a coach.

Part of our work will focus on whether you see yourself as a survivor or as a victim. We will take time to re-examine your life, uncover the truth, and work at letting go of the narrow ways you may see yourself and your life experiences. Survivors embrace themselves, connect with their emotions, and see life with new found clarity. Victims blame themselves and others, have difficulty owning their own reality, and have difficulty accepting themselves as they are. During our sessions, you will learn to accept yourself and others just as they are, and learn to correct your faulty thinking and dysfunctional behaviors. Accept who you truly are, and together, we will discover the tools necessary to live the life you want to live. Acceptance is freedom, and freedom allows you to move in any direction you desire.
   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $125 USD

Weekly, monthly and 12-week plans


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