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Coach Dr Sandy Graham
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Dr Sandy Graham

Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Life Coach, Performance Coach, Success Coach, Executive Coach, Stress Management Coach

About me

I am a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), with expertise in Applied Performance Psychology involving evidence-based mental performance strategies for strengthening mental and self-regulatory skills to help you become the best you can be, and live positively applicable to life, athletics, and high-paced/high-demand professions. I work collaboratively with you to address how you approach life, negative thinking/attitude, and low self-confidence/low self-esteem issues causing stress and anxiety that prevent you from reaching your full potential rather than about ameliorating mental health issues.



Coaching with me


We will find your winning inner life and performance Rhythm, Balance, and Self-Belief giving you the full capability to fight off negative, interfering thoughts for a positive life. Find you Balance: Email or call me today to get started.


On a one-on-one confidential basis, working colloboratively, I employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy Techniques to help you reframe negative thoughts, feelings and behavior to positive ones based on the belief that each of us strives for and has the capacity to fulfill our personal God-given potential, and have a positive, productive life.



Private one-on-one coaching on a remote, virtual basis.


My coaching services are offered on a remote basis using Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.

Short courses or group coaching

I am open to mentoring a group of coaches, executives, or professionals up to and not exceeding five (5) members.

Ongoing training

My on-going training involves earning a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with graduation scheduled for August 2024. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MS Candidate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, August 2024
  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), February 2016
  • Developed the Psychology of Success

I have a genuine regard for my clients and work with each to help you find your balance in life. I have been providing Life and Performance Coaching since June 2016 and have accumulated well over 1,000 hours of coaching. My clients have included athletes, non-athletes, business professionals, college students, and those seeking a positive approach to life. 

Fee description

Fees: from $140 USD to $200 USD

All billing is managed through Mind, Body and Health Wellness Clinic. Payment methods include: American Express, Check, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. 

Please note that a credit card will be required to schedule all appointmenta. This is kept on file in the event of a cancellation with less than 48 hrs notice and No-Shows.

For Appointments, please go to the Mind, Body and Health Wellness Clinic website, complete the online registration and specify life and performance coaching with Dr. Sandy Graham. 

I will contact you directly for a free 15 minute consultation. After we conclude, if you decide you like my life and performance coaching program, we will discuss what you can expect, the length of your coaching program, fees and then schedule appointments that fit with your daily schedule. 


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