lifecoach $110 USD DrDeniseMarie Mari DrDeniseMarie Mari Strengthening religious workers/Church leaders &their fruitfulness,coaching 2where God wants them2be
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DrDeniseMarie Mari

Ph.D. - Religious worker expert 
Newark, New York, United States

Strengthening religious workers/Church leaders &their fruitfulness,coaching 2where God wants them2be

Career coach Health coach
Academic coach Leadership coach
Transition coach Breakthrough, Ministry fruitfulness, Special formative studies
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $100 USD to $110 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

For over 25 years, our non-profit service has been helping religious workers move from one place to another that is more excellent and where they want to be. Many rely on Hope Family Resources, Inc.'s life coaching staff to identify their talents/gifts, improve their skills, dissolve obstacles, stay focused, and get to where they truly want to be. With our faith-based telephone life coaching, men and women religious workers move to levels where they are more competent, fulfilled and self-confident than they would have been otherwise. Why not bring a more excellent personal vision, heart of passion, and sense of purpose to your own life as well as better equip yourself to strengthen and guide other people? Experience "HFR's" own LIFE COACHING Service --"in praise of His glory.”

Coaching with me


The life coaching helps religious workers

* stretch their visions,

* build their confidence,

* stay focused,

* dissolve obstacles,

* unlock their God-given potentials,

* increase their skills/equipping, and

* take concrete steps toward their goals.


1) build expanded perspective and move toward an enhanced future with purpose

2) look ahead with greater knowledge and confidence

3) emphasize the importance of "a healthy thinking mind"

4) talk about growth and fulfillment of heart-felt desires

5) build personal and relationship strengths

6) improve competencies

7) prevent burn-out


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The initial 20" phone inquiry session is considered a pre-consultation and there is no fee. The client would pay for coaching services by individual session. All coaching sessions need to be prepaid, and missed sessions will be charged unless the client cancels the appointment at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled call.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Advanced professional family counselor
  • M.A. in clinical psychology
  • Ph.D. in clinical psychology
  • Child behavior management
  • Marriage counseling

Dr. Denise Marie Mari is the founder and director of the non-profit Hope Family Resources' Life Coaching service for religious workers. She is a Metro New York area health professional, college and church conference presenter, plus leadership consultant who has been an interview guest on almost two dozen radio and T.V. shows. Dr. Mari has been on the staff of Roosevelt Hospital, the Fordham University Counseling Center, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, and the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. She is not only the author of the Lulu printed "Psychological Wholeness Series" [e.g., Doctor Mari Teaches About A Healthy Thinking Mind (Book #4)] and the "Emotional Wellbeing Series" of childrens' books but also principal author of the "House Of Hope International Cookbook." This one-of-a-kind Cookbook was published with Lynn Marie Knapke, M.A. and Culinary Institute of America chef graduate Aaron Shaun Brennan: The secret ingredient is love :)

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $110 USD

In summary, each individual phone session is
$100.00, with sessions being 50 minutes each (including unlimited email contact between sessions).


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