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Dwight Moore-Brown

Lifestyle and Relational Life Coach 
Enterprise, Alabama, United States
A family man of strong faith in Christ.

About me

I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I have been successful in doing just that most particularly in the area of developing an effective lifestyle with successful relationships.

I believe (and see research to support this) that life much more rewarding when we have a strong core value set and a strong network. My core value set is my faith in Christ and my network is my family - a wonderful and beautiful wife and four children that are fully grown young men now as well as a dynamic and loving church family.

I successfully completed one career as an Army officer and pilot and initially chose Marriage and Family Therapy as my next career. After earning my Master's degree I began building my career in this field and eventually migrated to Life Coaching as a more effective outreach to hurting people and those seeking to live a more productive life.

Coaching with me

First, when I work with clients, all the goals we work toward are set by them. I help my clients focus and shape their goals making them measurable and clear cut but they are set by the client just the same.

Second, results come from hard work, in this case not the sweat kind but hard none the less. While I will be there every step of the way, I cannot create the change my clients so ardently seek. They very seldom miss their goals however. If they have adequate support, motivation and remain focused (all of these areas are my role in this process) my clients have been, are and will be successful. The only time they have not been successful is when they have given up.

Lastly, I do not leave my clients when their process is over. We establish a follow up protocol where we keep in contact and maintain our relationship to help during those moments when the new skills get "misplaced".
I like to address this topic by describing how I don't coach. I don't serve as a clients "doctor" by prescribing activities or by trying to "fix" my clients. They aren't sick, just stuck or overwhelmed.

I also don't serve a my clients mentor, at least not during the initial process. A mentor often uses advice as a tool in that relationship and assumes a senior position. I find it much more rewarding to see my clients develop skill sets of their own in handling the challenges of overcoming their being stuck or overwhelmed in their life.

Also, while I am able to coach a person through most types of challenges toward most kinds of goals, I am most effective when I am helping my clients develop a more effective life style supported by and resulting from healthy relationships most especially, their relationship with Christ. When that relationship is solid, personal, and intimate it infuses every aspect of my clients faith and transforms lives. My relationship with Christ as over the last few years changed my life and I have seen it happen in hundreds of others. I am certain as I am the sun will come up tomorrow that an intimate and personal faith walk with The Son will do the same in my clients life as well.


Local private coaching is done as a three month package. This package can be tailored to the individual but normally consists of a free initial session to see if there will be a good fit between you and I. Then there will follow an intensive session to jump start the process. This will be followed by regular sessions generally twice a month. Additionally, there will be one more intensive session scheduled as needed and on the topic of your choice based on your goals. Finally, you will have open email access to me and access to podcasts and tools throughout the three months
The online process works identically to the private or local one described above except that it will be done over SKYPE or Google chat.
Short courses or group coaching
At this time I am not offering any short course but I do have a group package. This package starts out as described above through the first intensive session, one on one. After that you will join a group of one to three others. This serves to lower costs and adds a synergistic effect as the group dynamic becomes operative. This group process can be used for longer term packages as well. This is usually an online process as well
Ongoing training
Usually ongoing training will be done on a group basis.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy
  • American Association of Christian Counselors - Life Coach
  • Fowler-Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching.
  • NESTA - Certified Personal Trainer
Successful Army career
Instructor Pilot for over 10 years
Ministry for over 30 years
Pastoral Counselor - Marriage counseling
Associate Pastor

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD

$1195 is the cost for the group session with a $95 discount for payment in full.
$1395 is the cost for the online session with a $195 discount for payment in full.
$1595 is the cost for the local session with a $195 discount for payment in full.

If payment is not made up front in full then it will be in three monthly payments


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