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Coach Elana Brazile
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Elana Brazile

Portland, Oregon, United States
Are you struggling with a major life transition such as leaving a toxic relationship; being laid off

About me

Are you struggling with a major life transition such as leaving a toxic relationship; being laid off; or needing a new career? Does the enormity of the change overwhelm you and leave you feeling uncertain about your future? If so, I am the coach for you!

Often when change turns our life upside down, our natural instinct is to fight it. To try and keep our lives the same, firmly in the center of our comfort zone. This only creates more chaos in our lives and delays the inevitable. I can show you how to embrace the change process. Our work together will put you firmly in charge of your life by
- Clearly identifying your desired outcomes for the change.
- Creating step-by-step plans for achieving your dreams.
- Celebrating your achievements.

My life is a testament to human resiliency. I have triumphed over domestic abuse, creating a flourishing home for my son and I. I transformed a layoff from a long time career into an independent professional opportunity to help others. I am excited about helping you find your own path to thriving.

I have more than a decade of experience in management at the American Red Cross, helping team members uncover their own potential. I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration and master's degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from Warner Pacific College.

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Coaching with me

The overall goal of our work together is to support you in embracing and orchestrating the chaos of life's transitions to bring harmony from seeming dissonance.

Together we will
- Find ways to use change to unlock your potential.
- Define your goals and dreams.
- Design logical step by step plans.
- Celebrate achievements and stay on track.
I see the relationship between coach and client as one of equals. We both have an active role in the process.

I will listen closely to you, respond to what I hear and ask questions. If I hear something in your voice or language that sparks an intuitive thought, I'm likely to ask you about it. Often, it is the small moments that bring about big shifts. If I'm not on target, just tell me. I'm not attached to being right.

At the end of our sessions, we will decide together what your next steps should be. I want to see you grow and stretch yourself and may suggest a "homework assignment" that will support your growth and goals.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private coaching sessions give us a chance to sit down together and talk in person, on the phone or by Skype. During our time together, I use honed communication skills to support you as a detached thinking partner, cheerleader and accountability partner. Together we create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions toward your goals.
Ongoing training
I offer classes from time to time that will support people in growing and unlocking their potential.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelors Degree - Business Administration
  • Masters Degree - Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
I have spent the last thirteen years working at the American Red Cross as a manager, leading teams and helping the individuals on those teams to grow and maximize their potential.

I am driven and guided by the following values.

Limitless potential
Each of us possess limitless potential. We supports clients and staff in the process of unlocking their potential.

Our words, beliefs and stories are based on our own truth. It is these truths that drive our actions and attitudes.

We accept responsibility for our actions, reactions and choices. We realize that the decisions we make determine our outcomes.

Positive Action
We take positive steps to create the futures we desire and always perform at our personal best. We seek continual improvement - both as a company and as individuals.

Justice allows people the freedom to maximize their potential. We support the right of people to have the freedoms necessary for their ultimate good and success.

Fee description

Fees: from $115 USD to $600 USD

Private coaching sessions can be purchase a session at a time or in bundles of five. Buying a bundle of five saves you 10%.


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