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Ella Glasgow

Voice Success Coach 
Orlando, Florida, United States

I help businesswomen build their confidence

FEES from $250 USD to $10000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Ella Glasgow, a rising star vocalist, has performed to thousands on stages across the country. But when she realized her own trepidations about her past and her success were holding her back in life, she decided to use her voice in a new and powerful way.

Known as The Voice Success Coach™, Ella helps women in business improve their vocal quality so they can fully embrace their inner strength, tenacity, and magic. Ella believes learning solid, vocal technique helps professional women boost their confidence to say what they mean in an undeniable, assured way.

Performance Technique is a skill she has honed well in her 15+ years as a performer. In her Command Your Stage™ program, Ella shares little-known insights into posture, mental agility, and audience engagement that ensure what you say not only gets heard but gets results.

“Breathe” is the simple yet concrete advice she gives her clients. “Connecting to your breath initiates so many things in your body, and it does wonders for your voice and your presence.”

She has shared this insight with up-and-coming stage performers as well as her clients. Many businesswomen she’s worked with have applied this advice as they learn to command their own stage, whether that is a one-on-one meeting, presenting to board members, or speaking to an audience of thousands.

Her clients thrive due to her firm yet compassionate approach to helping them get crystal clear on achieving their goals. She guides women to create a roadmap for getting what they want out of life through her signature Permission to Dream™ system.

Ella holds a certification in Vocal Science by John Henny, and she is a certified Goal and Success Coach. Clients and audiences sing Ella’s praises, whether she’s onstage or one-on-one with her coaching clients. She lives in Orlando, Florida where she is the proud mom of a busy 2-year-old who spells his name in song and wife to an amazing pastry chef who bakes her tasty and delicious treats.

Coaching with me


I help artists turn their dreams into real careers


I like to coach cooperatively. My favorite type of client to work with is one who is willing to ask and answer questions. My clients know that I ask a lot of questions and I love when they are willing to think and give an answer beyond "I don't know". I'm not looking for the "right" answer. I believe coaching is not a world of right and wrong. What I'm looking for is THEIR answer and their willingness to simply try and be a part of the conversation. With this type of coaching and open communication, I've found the most success with clients. Achievement of goals in sessions tends to happen much more quickly.


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You are the voice of your business. First people see you. Then they hear you. What comes out of your mouth will be the deciding factor in someone doing business with you.

Experience the power of Triple Threat Coaching as we address your voice, your message and your business. I will help you to fine-tune your voice and your message and get clarity on your goals. All of this so that you can get the results you've been looking for and give your dreams a kick in the pants!


Private Coaching is available online.

All group courses are currently online courses

Short courses or group coaching

You are the voice of your business. First people see you. Then they hear you. What comes out of your mouth will be the deciding factor in someone doing business with you.

Group courses are designed to help you own your voice, own your message and build confidence so you can give your dreams a kick in the pants!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Goal & Success Coach
  • Certificate of Completion Vocal Science
  • BA Commercial Voice
  • CEO Space Grad
  • 15+ years paid, professional entertainer
  • John Henny Vocal Science
  • Line Hilton BAST Trainging

Ella has been an entertainer and coach for over 15 years. She really knows what it takes to stay motivated in your chosen field. She has had the opportunity to travel around the globe performing with and learning about different cultures and has a heart to share those experiences with others.

Ella has appeared on stages and projects for Princess Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, NBC Universal, CMT Network, Best Buy, Currently, Ella is a corporate entertainer, motivational speaker, and recording artist.

Fee description

Fees: from $250 USD to $10000 USD

Fees range from $250hr for one coaching session to $10,000 for a 6month package.


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