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Elle Nicole

M.A., M.Ed., certified coach 
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Dating and relationship coach with a background in clinical psychology and human sexuality.

FEES from $750 USD to $18000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a certified dating and relationship coach with years of experience in helping people live their best love life. Specifically, I believe in getting clients out of the negative habit of dangerous self talk, which often leads to poor dating and relationship patterns as they jump from relationship to relationship without realizing the habits that keep them from having more fulfilled relationships. I use my backgrounds in clinical psychology and human sexuality to inform my technique, which involves an intense "inside-out" approach, where clients take a deep look within to evaluate themselves before venturing out into the dating world. Prior to coaching, I practiced therapy in the areas of sexuality, marriage and dating with both individuals and couples. I learned, during this time, the numerous ways in which unknowingly sabotage relationships. This is the knowledge and experience I bring to my coaching clients in order for them to be able to approach intimate partnership with a new and improved outlook. Through my techniques, clients will learn how to attract and maintain their intimate partnerships as well as how discern between appropriate and inappropriate partners.    more...

Coaching with me

-Understanding of destructive, negative thought and behavior patterns
-Strategies and coping mechanisms to address these behaviors and thoughts
-Improved self-acceptance
-Improved confidence
-Understanding of attractive body language
-Improved communication skills
-Improved attraction skills
-Understanding of the negative behaviors that sabotage relationships
-More fulfilled relationships
-Ability to choose appropriate partners
My coaching process begins from within, because the one common denominator in any series of lost relationships is you. I bring my clients through a process where they essentially "date" themselves in order to first develop a healthy relationship with self. It is imperative that a client approaches dating and relationships as a complete person, who has dealt with and processed past issues and hang ups that often interrupt and impede healthy interactions with others. Once clients have addressed these issues, then I move forward with teaching skills and techniques to attract and date the best partners in order to develop healthy, potential long-term relationships. This process involves learning flirting, communication and conflict resolution skills. My clients also learn to discern between inappropriate and appropriate partners as they move through these skills. The end result of this process is a confident person, who has a positive outlook on their dating and relationship life and is ready to move forward with a new outlook on love.   more ...


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In-person date/relationship coaching includes:
-Problem assessment
-Dating skills assessment
-Body language assessment
-Attraction techniques
-Dating techniques
-Relationship maintenance strategies
-In-the-field, one-on-one coaching
Virtual date/relationship coaching (one, three and six months) includes:
-Identify areas that need improvement
-Dating skill assessment
-Body language analysis
-Attraction techniques
-Dating techniques
-Relationship maintenance strategies
-On-going e-mail support (based on length of sessions)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.Ed., Human Sexuality
  • Certified Life Coach
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology
  • Advanced Life Coach Institute
I began my career in relationship coaching more than five years ago when I decided to go back to school to acquire the knowledge necessary to coach others in their life decisions about intimate partnerships. While coaching is clearly different from clinical psychology, I still wanted to pursue a graduate degree in a field that would teach me more about human behaviors to help me understand why people do the things they do. After completing my first master's, I still did not feel as though I had acquired enough knowledge about sex and relationships specifically. So, I sought out another master's degree in human sexuality at the only school in the country to offer an accredited doctoral degree in the discipline. While completing this program, I taught human sexuality courses to a wide range of students including medical students, adolescent girls and boys and adult women and men. These teaching experiences led me to observe and discover the toxic relationships many people continue to involve themselves in without realizing the behaviors that lead to such relationships. This ultimately led me to choose coaching as a career. I believe people deserve to experience love at is fullest potential, and helping them to discontinue and dismantle the harmful habits that keep them from love is what I love to do most.    more ...

Fee description

Fees: from $750 USD to $18000 USD

I offer in-person, one-on-one sessions for a flat fee of $750 as well as monthly virtual packages which include e-mail support. The packages are available in one, three and six month terms for $3,000, $9,000 and $18,000 respectively.


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