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Elle Vitin

WC Master Life and Business Coach 
The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To COACH-Create It ~ Serving You To Success Is My Privilege
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FEES from £1500 GBP to £10000 GBP for coaching packages. more...

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About me

This is where you get to know me a bit better and feel more confident about my capabilities, making it easier for you to match your needs and goals with my Coaching <3

Who am I?

A Results Coach, highly trained and experienced to help you go to where you want to be in Every Area of Your Life.

What is My Expertise?  To get You to RESULTS

Who do I serve?

I serve Professionals, Individuals and Business Owners and I am able to help you in many ways, as:

In my coaching programs I use the Latest Breakthroughs in Psychology to Best Serving You to:

Master Feeling Peaceful & Calm, No Matter What Challenges You Face In Life,

Take Control Of Your Emotions So You Never Have To Feel What You Don’t Want To Feel Again,

Develop Bulletproof Emotional Resilience So You Can Be Strong, Calm & Powerful! No Matter What Situation You Find Yourself In,

Go From Stressed & Overwhelmed To Calm, Efficient & Powerful So You Can Operate At Your Highest Potential,

Change Your Relationship With Your Thoughts & Feelings So That You Feel Powerful And In Control Of Your Life.

How Remarkable it is to be able to Empower People With A Lifetime Of Confidence By Changing The Way They Experience The World,

How Miraculous it is to be able to Change Peoples Lives With Simple Conversations And Empower Them With Inner Peace Until The Day They Die ...

Coaching with me


It is my mission to take you from stressed to SUCCESS so you can Love Your Work & Your Life.

"It's Not who you are that is holding you back: it's who You Think you are Not!"

I also work with Organisations and Individuals wanting to improve Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Image to be more Successful in Business and Personal Life.

I have complete Confidence coaching systemS in place that I use in individual and group coaching,

I am a Fearless Ninja with the Capacity to EmPOWER My Peeps in any circumstances.


I serve Professionals, Individuals and Business Owners.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


As a WC Master Life, Business and RESULTS Coach, I offer Private and Online Coaching in ALL Areas of Life.

An Achiever Highly Trained and Experienced on Getting My Clients to RESULTS so based on that, here is a list of some of what you may call 'Specialised' Areas which for me is Really about getting You to RESULTS in these areas and beyond hence leading you to TRANSFORMATION.

Transformational Coaching -working and covering the following:

Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Career Coach,

Health Coach,

Wellness Coach,

Fitness Coach,

Dating Coach,

Relationship Coach,

Executive Coach,

ADHD Coach, 

EFT Coach,

Success Coach,

Confidence Coach,

Motivational Coach,

Productivity Coach,

Small Business Coach,

Spiritual Coach,

Happiness Coach,

Laughter Coach,

Stress Management Coach,

Reach out should you have any questions.


I have complete coaching systemS in place that I use in individual and group coaching Online, as well.

Please see above the Specialties I cover as I list them in the 'Private Coaching' Section.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional Counselling Diploma
  • Grief and Bereavement Counselling
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy S. F. B.
  • Solution Based Counselling Practitioner Certification Accredited
  • Master EFT and TFT
  • Meridian Meditation EFT Tapping
  • Complete Meditation Certification Diploma
  • Meditation TEACHER Certification Accredited
  • Professional N. L. P. Diploma
  • Master N. L. P. Expert Level
  • Career Coach Certification
  • Weight Loss Coach Certificate
  • Diploma In Diet Planning & Weight Management
  • The Art Of Energy Healing
  • Discover Your Energy Body
  • 7 Chakras: The Complete Guide To The Energy Body
  • Instant Manifestation Certificate
  • Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner
  • Certified H'oponono Practitioner
  • Health Coach Certification
  • Holistic Wellness Health Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Personal Development Life Coach Certification Training
  • Online Coaching & Therapy
  • Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach Accredited
  • Coaching Managers & Leaders for Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Life Coach Certified Accredited
  • Group Coach Practitioner Certification Accredited
  • NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach Certification Accredited
  • Stress Management Coaching Certification CGRSC Stress Coach
  • Home Business Coach Certification FECBC Life Coach Training
  • Confidence Coaching Certification CGRCC Confidence Coaching
  • Business Coaching Certification FECBC Business Fundamentals
  • Women Empowerment Life Coach Certification 1WEC Training
  • Management Coaching Employee Performance Coach Certification
  • Relationship Coaching: Transform Problems Into GROWTH and LOVE
  • Certified Workshop Facilitator For Life Coaches
  • FLOW State Specialist
  • Coaching Psychology
  • How To Create, Market & Grow An Inspired Business
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Diploma
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Life Coach Certification
  • Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint
  • Results Coach Mastery & RESULTS Coaching Certification Diploma
  • Productivity & Personal Effectiveness
  • WC Master Life and Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching Business Masterclass
  • Constant Financial Flow
  • Strategic Plan Creation
  • The Creation, Marketing & Growth Of An Inspired Business Online
  • LOA Tutorial
  • Breath Secrets
  • Military Transition: Life Coaching for Ex-Military Personnel

"The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Coach-Create It" ~LVitin⚘

I bring to my Coaching a strong background based in attention to detail, organizing, action planning, teamS.

Experiencing a smooth transition into this forward-moving business, allowing my niche to find me ~SCs

Everyone with whom I have the privilege of meeting or talking personally 121, knows well that I like to talk about my Passion, in the field that has been described -and iTotally agree- as the revelation industry ~ the breakout industry and it looks like this:

I meet 121 or virtually with You as My Client, We Talk and ... Miracles happpen.

Actually it will be YOU, same as it is My Clients who are the ones who Create their own Success & Solutions, honouring me with much of the credit when all the Merit'll be Yours!

Most Serious for me: when entrusted with your dreams and wantS, to guide and accompany you in the Fabulous journey to Goal Completion & Success.

An Expert Communicator, working alongside Reputable Names & Institutions as My Partners and Mentors.

Very important for me is that I Genuinely Care for Your Success & Happiness.

I am a Fearless Ninja with the Gift of being able to EmPOWER My Peeps in All circumstances.




Fee description

Fees: from £1500 GBP to £10000 GBP

Coaching Programs:

GOLD Package

SILVER Package


Each Package Tailored To You, Specifically

Pre-Qualifying Breakthrough Sessions are available to Newly Interested and Potential Clients To Ascertain whether we are a good match to further work together: these Transformation Sessions can last between 1hr-2hrs each and we will work together to bring You Significant Breakthroughs.


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