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Coaching with me

- get rid of fears (publiс speech, communication...)
- make correction in self esteem
- self preception build up
- find creatine solutions when the existing ones do not work
- investigate and find the goals which indeed inspire
- decide and move on career path
- establish and develop business
- profit increase plan establishing and accomplishing
- cope with divorce, break up
- establishing and building relations
- business full check
- foresight
- self confidence establishment and tuning

Best results come from balancce. Balace for me is while basing on your strongest points we get to the goals, while using NLP when transformation is needed and applying coaching training if my skliis or third party skills are needed.

Most of the time, the task we work with the client is very different from the request he comes to me with. So what we do first is digging in and discovering the real goal, the real need, the real request.For instance it can be "how do I make my boyfriend treat me differently". The unswer is you cannot. Yet you can behave and be the one who is treated the way you want. And here we come to investigate and decide together with you what kind of person you want to be.

Iin business it can be, "how to make the boss to promote me". No way. But you can become the one your boss definetely wants to promote.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • master coach
  • coaching trainer
  • NLP master
  • NLP institute
  • ICU (coaching)
42 years old, I am in happy relations now, twice married before. I knopw a lot about relations.

I have been working since 10 years old. It was family retail business. Up to 27 years old I have been working for several international companies, getting with time to the level of area manager, responsible for overall performance of the company in 14 countries.

When 27 I established my first business. By 2015 we got to 12 mln USD turnover.

I am coaching for the last 15 years. Currently my business time is devided into almost equal two parts - coaching and venture fund.


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