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Eric Michael Cohen

CPC, Small Business / Relationships 
Braintree, United States
I have a results-oriented approach to relationships & small business.Your success is my #1 priority.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $90 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I began the Life Lab in 2013 after experiencing for myself how powerful coaching and Relational Life Therapy could be. On my own journey, I realized for the first time not only what I wanted to do, but how I wanted to do it and for whom. With this clarity, I created an exit strategy from my previous career to set my sights on providing others with hope, repair and empowerment.

By far, the greatest gift I've received was the introduction of RLT into the relationship with my wife. We were basically done; ready to call the lawyers and divide our assets. Finding Terry Real's work and then working with an RLT-certified coach, we put things back together. We weren't going to figure this stuff out on our own. We needed help, and thankfully we found it just in the nick of time.

My experience in business also comes to bear in my work at the Life Lab. I draw on 20+ years of self-employment and entrepreneurial experience in many different fields: artisan concrete, construction, property management, music composition, engineering, licensing, studio management and web design. The challenges faced and the lessons learned from plotting my own path are now part of the arsenal of skills I have to offer my clients.

I now live with my beautiful wife Bernadette south of Boston, MA with four cats and a dog named Tickle.

Coaching with me

Marriages / Couples

"Why we fight may change, but how we fight; the flavor of the fight, tends to stay the same.

If we can learn to interrupt the behaviors, we finally have a chance to end the dysfunction."

Like many couples, my wife and I enlisted the help of a "traditional" marriage therapist when we were having difficulty with our relationship. Rather than bring us together, working with this person nearly ended us. There were no tools. There was no hope. Had we not come across a different approach, Relational Life Therapy, we would most likely be divorced and bitter. The result was so profound, I left my previous career so that I could assist others in this work.

Working within the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) system, we learned solid, healthy repeatable skills for dealing with conflict. These skills gave us a means of correction (a steering wheel if you will) to keep us connected; to resolve conflicts, to grow together and to cherish each other. We found understanding. We found accountability. We found balance.

Now, trained in RLT, I bring the same teachable and repeatable system to bear in service of your relationship. My process with you will be explicitly educational. We may talk about the past, but we will focus on the present and the future. You will leave with the relationship tools we all should have learned as children but weren't given to us. We will go through the process together, transparently. I do not hide behind the veil of 'expert'. I've been through this myself and have come out the other side.

Business Coaching

There are lots of places to learn business skills. The problem is, how do we get past the part of us that won't use them? That is at the heart of my coaching system. Once we isolate and understand our own personal barriers to success (as well as where they came from and why we cling to them) we can find a way around, over or through.

You are probably pretty good at what you do (lawyer, carpenter, etc.). Sadly, when you learned the skills of your profession, "soft" skills like vision, self-confidence, self-compassion, maintaining motivation, organization, time management, and conflict resolution may have been left out of of your formal education.

Having been a small business owner and entrepreneur all of my adult life, I have encountered many challenges. The hardest challenges weren't technical; more often they centered around fear, insecurity, confusion, values or integrity. Without a road map, these kind of challenges can be debilitating.

It is in my skill set to help you build a road map to success, however you define success.

Do any of these resonate with you?

I have no idea how to make more money
I'm on autopilot... I'm just phoning it in
I feel like my business is running me, not the other way around
I don't look forward to coming in to work anymore
My employees are out of control
I can't seem to get anything done
I feel lost, lonely and disheartened

I can assist you in finding a new approach. Then, once the internal barriers to your success have been addressed, we can focus on growth in specific areas such as:

Profitability - Efficiency - Branding & Positioning - Marketing - Time Management - Team Building - Integrity - Technical Obstacles - Emotional Obstacles - Client Relationships - Employee Motivation - Conflict Resolution - Work/Life Balance - Career Path/Career Change - Pride & Enjoyment - Exit Strategy

Career Coaching

If this is you...

I hate my job
I need to make more money
I'm not sure if I'm even in the right field
I feel paralyzed... I don't know how to make a change
I need help with my resume
I don't know where or how to start looking

...I can help.

First, we will define in explicit detail what success looks like; salary, location, job description, hours, benefits, work environment, company size, etc.. Then, together, we'll craft an active strategy to get you there. There is a perfect job out there for you; tailor-made for your skills, personality and lifestyle. We'll find it and make sure your future employer sees that this is the job you were born to do.

Pointed in the right direction, the next thing we'll look for are the internal barriers to achieving your success. When you start to move towards your goal, how do you self-sabotage or get in your own way? Maybe it's self-esteem or an inability to stay motivated. Maybe it's attention deficit or a lack of follow through. When we isolate and understand our own personal barriers to success (as well as where they came from and why we cling to them) we can find a way around, over or through.

What We Can Address And Improve Together

Defining What The Perfect Job Or Career Is For You - Resume Focus & Presentation - Personal Branding - Social Media - Networking - Perseverance - Time Management - Self-Esteem - Confidence - Integrity - Learning To Sell Yourself Without Being "Salesy"

Life Coaching

"I should work harder."

"I should be able to focus."

"Why don't I know what I want out of life?"

The battles we fight inside ourselves can cause stress, confusion and depression. It's time you had someone on your side, to help you win your most difficult battles; those that rage inside your own head.

Where therapy tells you what your problems are and consulting tells you what to do, through coaching we will discover who you can be and how to get you there. My focus is on you, and your success is my #1 priority; success in busting lifelong limiting habits and patterns; success in finding your voice; success in living the kind of life that deep down inside, you know you deserve.

Combining the goals and results approach of coaching with the next-level emotional and relational skills of Relational Life Therapy gives me an arsenal from which to draw. The style and focus of our work may shift, from pragmatic to therapeutic, for example, or from teacher to cheerleader. We'll go where ever we need to to get you to the place where you are empowered, motivated and excited to achieve your dreams.
How are sessions conducted?

By telephone (for individual work) or in person (for couples or individuals).

What are my payment options?

I accept Paypal for phone sessions, Paypal, credit card, cash or personal check for in-person sessions.

Why are individual sessions listed as 30-60 minutes?

At different points in our process, we'll be searching for huge "a-ha" moments. Often, if we try to keep going, we'll lose the impact of the discovery. I will always schedule one hour, but there may be times where it makes sense to cut it short if we have a major breakthrough.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is often focused on the past. Many people go to therapy to feel less sad. Coaching looks at the present and the future. It's designed to bring you more fulfillment and happiness. In this way, coaching and therapy can complement each other. Coaching asks "Where do you want to be and how do we get you there?" We work together to craft a plan to get you more of what you want; in your relationship, career or life.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Consulting focuses on the what; coaching focuses on the who. If you are looking for specific knowledge as it relates to your specific business, a consultant may be a good choice. If, on the other hand, you are feeling stuck, stagnant, limited, frustrated, pessimistic or depressed, coaching can help turn that around. It has been said that success is 80% mindset. My currency is mindset.

Is RLT therapy?

Relational Life Therapy contains elements of therapy, coaching, consulting, teaching, and many other disciplines. It has been called"therapeutic coaching". The process starts by focusing on what isn't working right now and moves to remedy that.

How long does a coaching relationship last?

Expect to commit for 3 months to start. It takes some time for new mental habits to form. Often, the initial challenge we face together is just the tip of the iceberg. Once we have started to make progress on your initial challenge, it is common for other areas of focus to surface. We should continue as long as it holds value for you. My ultimate goal is to get you coaching yourself.

The longer we work together, the more we can guarantee that the positive changes you make will have lasting effect. Coaching isn't just setting goals. It also involves changing mindset and behaviors, creating visions, exploring possibilities, generating action plans, overcoming obstacles, building in accountability and measuring results.

How long is couples coaching?

Couples coaching will also be at minimum a 3 month process. We schedule 2 hour sessions once every 2 weeks. At the end of 3 months, we will reassess the state of the relationship and make a decision if and how to proceed from there. Often we will do 3 more months. It is not my intent for marriage coaching to last for years and years. If that is the case (and we are doing anything more than minor corrections once a month or less) I haven't done my job.


By phone or in person at my office in Braintree, MA

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Relational Life Therapy (RLT)
  • Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)
  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Certified Business Coach (CBC)
  • Relational Life Therapy Training
  • Insight I & II Seminars
  • Personal Mastery Intensive
  • Mankind Project
I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Relationship Coach (CRC), Life Coach (CLC), and Business Coach (CBC). Currently, I'm currently training with the Relational Life Institute for certification in Relational Life Therapy (RLT). I draw on 20 years experience as a small businessman (artisan concrete; music engineering, production, composition & licensing; studio management; web design; construction and property management) as well as a lifetime of personal growth work (RLT, coaching, Insight Seminars, Mankind Project, Pathways Institute). I live with my beautiful wife Bernadette near Boston, MA with four cats and a dog named Tickle.

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $125 USD

Individual Coaching (Business/Career/Life/Relationship)
1 session — $125, 30 - 60 minutes*
4 sessions — $400 ($100 per session), 30 - 60 minutes each* — save $100
12 sessions — $1080 ($90 per session), 30 - 60 minutes each* — save $420

Couples Coaching
1 session — $225, 2 hours*
4 sessions — $800 ($200 per session), 2 hours each* — save $100
*In addition to coaching during sessions, this price also includes email support between sessions. If something comes up that can't wait until your next session, send me an email and I will respond. We're in this together


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