lifecoach $500 USD Erika Wilkins Erika Wilkins Erika is an executive leader and practicing attorney in the State of Illinois.
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Erika Wilkins

Irving, United States
Erika is an executive leader and practicing attorney in the State of Illinois.

About me

Erika has been a personal and professional life coach for a number of years. She was formerly an executive director for a non-profit organization which she established to educate and empower girls and women. She has extensive experience in the world of business management, program development, strategic planning, board development and funds development. She is also a licensed and practicing attorney in the state of Illinois. Her professional experience in both the public and private sector has spanned over the last two decades having served in various high-level managerial positions. Erika is also hailed as “the church lawyer” by a number of large and small churches in the Chicago metropolitan area where she has helped them establish development corporations, ancillary non-profit organizations and para-ministries to better serve their members’ needs. Additionally, she has managed to successfully maintain several for-profit ventures and manage her own para-ministry during her limited spare time. She has been married for 19 years and is the proud mother of six.


Generally speaking, I work to take an active and hands-on approach to working with you in key areas of your life:

1. Personal which includes relationships, family and/or finances; and
2. Professional which includes career, entrepreneurship and educational goals and aspirations.
Short courses or group coaching
I provide short 8-10 week small groups coaching and life labs that are hands-on and allow individuals to work on issues related to relationships, marriage, assertive communication and goal-setting.
Ongoing training
I facilitate wellness/corporate seminars and provide human resource consultations and motivational speaking engagements on various topics related to business and law.

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $500 USD

Individual sessions are 30-60 minutes in length. Workshops and small group session costs vary depending on the topics discussed, life labs and workshop booklets and materials that may be included. Call to discuss rates for the various options available. Installment plans are available.


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