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Erin Yates

BS Psychology Columbia Univ., CCP  
Sherman Oaks, California, United States
I coach adults who are feeling stuck or unhappy in their careers and assist them in achieving goals.
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About me

I enjoy helping individuals in a variety of areas, for example those struggling with career direction, financial issues, structuring their lives so that they can be more effective, finding their life's purpose, as well as discovering that seemingly elusive work/life balance.

By working with me we can identify your subconscious limiting beliefs as well as your conscious negative thought patterns and break those bad habits. Through our work together your life will become more fulfilling and you may be able to achieve what you once thought was impossible. Please know that your goals ARE attainable.

Subsequent to a successful 13-year career in the entertainment industry, I returned to the world of academia. I earned my Psychology degree at Columbia University in New York City, graduating Magna Cum Laude with honors. I then earned my Certified Coaching Practitioner (CCP) credential. Prior to founding Erin Yates Coaching, while on staff at a private psychiatric practice, I coached patients who struggled with chronic illness.

Relocating from California to New York City and changing careers was a huge transition, one that was often uncertain and challenging to navigate. Life experience, education, past work experiences are what led to my own empowerment. I recognize and am empathetic to the directional help we all need from time to time. Outside of helping others, I also enjoy world travel, physical fitness, and cooking.

What I love most about life coaching is really getting to know my clients and seeing what they initially thought was impossible become possible. Together we can focus specific goals and move past plateaus to your next accomplishments.

Call or email me for a free consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!

Erin Yates, B.S., CCP

Coaching with me

Most of my clients come to me to help them find the best career path and/or to help them make the leap into a new field. Due to the fact that I am based in Los Angeles and because of my own work history I often work with clients who are in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Previous clients have been people who have wanted to become entrepreneurs and they have achieved their goals by working with me. Other clients are wanting to figure out what their path is and I help them discover that and then empower them go after it. If the client is 100% committed to growth, then I can get them there.

I began my coaching career working with chronically depressed patients who were not getting relief from medications and were stuck in the psychotherapy process. My passion for coaching really blossomed when I saw the difference coaching could make in this patient population. Another part of my coaching practice involves depression relief coaching. I can be a part of your team to assist you in beating clinical depression and living a happy life.
Regardless of the initial reason why clients hire me, my style is to look at a clients' entire life and identify where changes could be made; creating a more cohesive and joyous existence in the process. It is important that we are fulfilled in all areas of our lives. How often we talk depends on the clients' needs, as I do not believe in "one size fits all" coaching. In between coaching sessions I have my clients journal to me so I can get more information to most effectively coach them and to experience the transformations that take place outside of our discussions.

I am empathetic yet firm. I know that change can be difficult, but know that I am just as invested in you succeeding as you are.


Coaching sessions are 60-minutes long and are as often as a few times a week to twice a month depending in the needs of the client. If geographically possible I can do face-to-face coaching, but most of my sessions are done via Skype or telephone. These modalities are more efficient and just as effective. The coaching process usually lasts 3 months to a year depending on the individual and the complexity of their goals. Buying a package of 5 sessions decreases the per session cost.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS Psychology & Neuroscience- Columbia University
  • Certified Coaching Practitioner

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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