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Someone who will listen to you without judgement and limitations
Life coach Wellbeing Coach

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Coaching with me

At the end of a session you will

- feel refreshed, energized and awake
- will have found a solution to your problem or discover that it was not a problem after all
- see things ahead more clearly and be empowered to take the next step
- have learnt a lot about who you are and what makes you joyful and complete
be closer to your true self hidden under all the covers, fixed mindsets, routines and habits

Typical areas of exploration include relationships, family & friendships, career & workplace, life transitions, health, spiritual and personal growth. You are welcome whatever your topic is.
What is life coaching?

Wikipedia defines it as “Life coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals.” In my words, life coaching is very much related to life itself. It is you being the most important member of a team. In that team, you are the center and the driver. It is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The added bonus is you achieving your goals and dreams day by day because your life coach is facilitating your natural ability of being resourceful and finding your own solutions. You grow in between every single session so your problems become smaller in comparison to how big and embracing you have become. I follow the big agenda defined by you and strive for your championship by always considering you as a whole: your emotions, goals, wishes, values and commitments.

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy, consultancy, etc.?

A therapy is a diagnosis of an emotional or psychological issue, followed by a treatment. The therapist focuses on a specific problem of the client and tries to find a cure to it.

Consultancy is when someone listens to what you want and comes up with their own solutions and road map.

None of these is the coach’s responsibility. I will never attempt to treat your mental issues, fix your problems or give you advice on how to make your life better. That is not my area of expertise.

In a coaching relationship, we build a safe playground in which you can freely fail, test your comfort zones and explore. The commitment is 100 % from both sides. I bring my skills, experience, full attention and non-judgmental presence. You bring yourself as a whole and your willingness to share, experiment, fail and learn.There is no fixing you or curing you on my part. If something needs to be fixed or cured, it usually happens naturally as you keep growing as a person and overcome your limitations.

How does a typical session look like?

The true answer is, there are no typical sessions.

First one or two sessions are reserved for the initial kick-off where I find out about where you stand in life right now and where you are headed to, in terms of goals, commitments and priorities. We also design an alliance together where we make sure our coaching relationship is best suited to help you, the unique person you are.

A session takes approximately 45 minutes. It often starts with a topic you bring to the table, yet it will always be used as a means to your growth and learning. Rather than trying to fix problems or make you happy about the topic, we dance in the moment wherever the sessions takes us. And most of the time, whatever place we end up in is a very resourceful and creative place for you. At the end of the session, I leave you with an inquiry or “homework” to allow deepening and learning in between our sessions.

You will have a chance to get a real feeling of how this works in a sample session.

How do I know if I need a life coach?

My personal opinion is that everyone should once have a life coach once in their life, even if it is for one session. Having been coached myself many times, I appreciated the value of having someone in my life that champions me, holds me accountable for being the best I can be, listens to me with full attention and without prejudice.

I am here to join your team if you are willing to break your walls of who you think or society thinks you are, get out from that lost place where you are not sure how to access your values and overcome what holds you back from accomplishing your goals or being your true self.

How often should I meet you?

I usually recommend my clients to set up a session at least twice a month. The idea is not to meet too often so that we allow “life to happen” in between sessions, when the biggest learning occurs. It is also not recommended to spend more than two or three weeks without a session because the learning and connection diminishes over time and the energy of coaching loses focus and integrity. Momentum matters.

How long is a coaching relationship?

This totally depends on where you stand right now in your life and where you want to be. It takes some people as quick as a single session to be fulfilled with a coaching relationship. It can also be a life-long commitment, since we never stop growing and learning until we die.

How do I notice that your coaching is helping me?

I believe the first requirement is to drop expectations and have fun! Only when we stop trying to get something out of a coaching session/relationship, we can truly have the space to let the magic happen.

After you have a session with me, please give it a few days for the things to sink in. Imagine the coaching session like dropping a stone into the water. The ripples will bring the change and transformation as “life happens” after the coaching session.

Also use the inquiries or accountability tasks you got at the end of the session as an opportunity for further learning. You might notice you ended up at a totally different place than you started the session at and that is when you will notice the difference (or have the “aha” moment, so to say).

How efficient is coaching over Skype/phone in comparison to meeting in person?

Contrary to popular belief, it is sometimes even much more efficient. The challenge is that I might sometimes miss the visual clues that could really aid our coaching relationship, depending on the moment. On the other hand, this is nothing that cannot be overcome with good communication. It also makes it more fun and insightful for you to describe to me what you are doing rather than just doing it without noticing.

The advantage is that there is pure focus. Only two voices and nothing else to be distracted with. A very nourishing and authentic space for you to be coached. It also saves you the time and costs for commute!

If you have questions other than these, please do not hesitate to send them to me.

Please also keep in mind that a simple unbinding sample session can answer all these and many others that you haven’t even thought of asking!
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One-on-one, in a cafe, park, co-working space
Over Skype or Whatsapp

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Coaches Training Institute Core Curriculum
  • Coaches Training Institute Core Curriculum
Even though coaching you is rightfully all about you and who you are, I believe you also deserve to know the person whom you can call your coach. I am neither a guru that promises enlightenment nor a superior who will tell you what you should do in your life. Just like you, I am a person with strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures.

I grew up in Turkey, lived in Switzerland and the US before moving to Berlin in 2013. I live here with my partner Aya. I completed the Co-active Coaching core curriculum with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) as my first official step into the lifelong journey of coaching. Besides coaching, I develop a sustainable software product with a small startup team of engineers. I can say that I get along well with technology. I am currently practicing martial arts (kung fu, tai chi, qi gong), learning Japanese and taking care of our plants. I enjoy reading books and watching documentaries on personal development and Eastern philosophies. I have been singing in polyphonic choirs, dancing, improvising, doing yoga, traveling and meditating lately.

Even though the title of my service is life coaching, I would rather call myself a voluntary listener. I believe it is a basic human need to be listened to and understood. In these days while everyone is so lost in their heads with their own perspectives, ideas and prejudices about themselves and life, I would like to demonstrate that it is possible to just BE there for someone.

When we do not insert our personal thoughts, ideas and judgement into that simple moment of togetherness, than there is room for understanding. Only through that silence and innocent state of the mind we can access compassion, connection and empowerment. Considering that many wars and conflicts, either personal or larger-scale are a result of misunderstandings, prejudices and fear of the unknown, I am committed to doing what I can most easily for everyone around me: Just being there for them and listening to them. That space and freedom of listening will then blossom into a flower that will enable YOU to find your own peace and inner-power. There is NO magic formula for that. It is not something we can logically solve either.

My approach is influenced a lot by the philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism, martial arts, yoga, nature, Chinese medicine, Japanese therapies, improvisation theater and the Coactive model. Basically everything I have crossed paths with. I am also totally aware that words might have the power of enlightenment as well as imprisonment. That is why I am here for YOU to help you find your own words, so that you can author your own book of life without having to rely on mine.

And I am looking forward to reading that book together.
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Fee description

Fees: from €10 EUR to €180 EUR

I offer individual sessions or discounted packages. Special prices for students, unemployed and people with refugee status.


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