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Esther Olivier

MHRM LLB(Hons) Career Life Coach 
Dabadie, County of Saint George, Trinidad and Tobago
I am a Biblical Career Life coach
Career coach Spiritual coach
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About me

I am a Biblical Career Life Coach with experience working as a Human Resource professional, Recruitment and Selection.

I have a Masters degree in Human Resource Management; a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science; a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Major Bible and Theology; and a Bachelor of Laws degree.I also have a Postgraduate Certificate in Employment Law and practice. I am a trained Lifestyle expert, Christian life coach and  career coach.

I have 40 years experience working in the public service of Trinidad and Tobago and over 40 years experience in Christian Ministry, such as a facilitator of a christian ministry training certificate course; and Home ministry christian counseling.

I am a conscientious individual, I set clear goals and  pursue them with determination. I am known for being reliable and hard-working. I am also a person with a high level of agreeableness that is, I have a strong interest in others' needs and well-being. I help others to achieve their goals.

As a Biblical career coach, I am a professional helper. I partner and collaborate with my clients in order to help them to express and achieve their career dreams, desires, life purpose, calling and goals. I work with individuals who may be recent graduates entering the workforce; unemployed; or career-changers. It is my passion to to help my clients make better choices and achieve satisfaction in their life career. I provide the support that my clients need to achieve their goals in a shorter period of time.

Coaching with me


  • I help my clients become more self-aware.

  • I help my clients to make better life choices.

  • I help my clients get the support that they need to achieve their goals in a shorter period of time.

  • I help my clients to identify and overcome the obstacles to them achieving their goals.

  • I help my clients to set/modify their career goals.

  • I help my clients identify God's purpose for their life and career.


I use a supportive and collaborative style in my coaching. I act as a sounding board and motivator for my client. I  help clients clarify their goals by asking questions and using probing coaching exercises. I listen, lead, prompt, encourage, tutor and hold my clients accountable for carrying out action steps.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


One-on-One online coaching using online coaching pad.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Bible and Theology
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Science Behavioral Science
  • Masters in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate as a Lifestyle expert
  • Certificate in Christian Ministry
  • Certificate in Advanced Business Writing
  • Postgraduate certificate in Employment law and practice.
  • DISC Personality Types and Temperaments
  • Professional Christian Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Business law and Practice
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

I became a Christian as a teenager. I have been serving the Lord Jesus Christ ever since. I have been involved in numerous Christian ministry endeavours and as a result have an experiential and working knowledge of the Bible and what it takes to be successful in living a Christian lifestyle and doing the work of Christian ministry. I have also been given the Spiritual gifts of revelation Knowledge; Discernment of spirits and faith. It has been confirmed by matured prophets that I have a prophetic anointing upon my life.

My secular career spanned some 40 years in the public service. I have  experience working as a  Human Resource professional,Recruitment & Selection; Public Health Inspector; Scientific Assistant and Clerical officer. I changed careers  and completed studies in areas of interest to me in pursuit of my personal growth & development and advancement in my career. Over the years I gained the knowledge and experience necessary for me to become competent in Biblical Career Coaching. 

As a result of the many life challenges that I have been through, I know what it takes to survive and excel at whatever you put your mind to achieve. As a Christian career coach, I am your cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way as you set your specific goals, develop action plans and take the necessary steps to achieve your life's calling and dreams.


Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $360 USD

  • Intial consultation -free

  • Two coaching sessions for one month. -30 US

  •  Two coaching sessions per. month for a maximum period of  three months. limited email questions allowed between sessions. - 60 US

  • Two coaching sessions per. month for a maximum period of six months. Limited emails allowed between sessions.- 125.00 US

Initial consultation is 30 minutes

Coaching sessions are 40-50 minutes.



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