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Esther Taylor

Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom
I help people overcome self doubts to live a life with inner peace, love & happiness.
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About me

Hi! I’m Esther – a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, qualified Massage Therapist, wife, mummy, coffee lover, optimist, and dreamer. I live in beautiful Scotland in the UK and I am dedicated to helping you shine – inside and out. I am an expert on inspiring others and dealing with whatever life throws at me. I am down to earth, and I like to keep things in perspective. With me, what you see is what you get. I often say “I can only be me because I don’t know how to be anybody else.” I’ve tried to be what I thought I ‘should’ be before, and it was an epic fail. One of my personal mottos is ‘be who you are and do what you want because what other people think of you is none of your business’. I love connecting with like-minded people, indulging in stimulating conversation and helping others see their own brilliance.

Coaching with me

Having experienced low confidence and self esteem – and come through it, I am now committed to helping others to make the inner changes, so they too can have the confidence and inner belief to truly live the life they desire!

Through my coaching programme ‘Thrive – Rewiring Confidence & Self Esteem’ I can help you uncover where your confidence and self esteem became eroded, and through coaching, a series of simple activities and exercises rewire you for lasting confidence and self esteem.

Through our sessions together and the work you will do on your own (but always with my support), you will:

Get to the heart of why you are experiencing low self confidence and /or self esteem.

- UNCOVER and RECLAIM your inner core of unchanging self-esteem.

- TALK BACK to your own inner critic, STOP IT before it can damage you and your life even more and then REPLACE IT with healthier habits.

- BECOME Willing to Be Worthy. ALLOW yourself have more of the “good stuff.”

- GET READY to live the life you’ve always wanted! When you dismantle long-held beliefs and patterns about your worth, amazing things begin to happen— even what you once thought was impossible….. such as improved relationships, weight loss and more money – if these are things you want!
You are worthy. You are good enough.

‘Thrive – Rewiring Confidence & Self Esteem’ will help you to renew your self-confidence and self esteem. We will rewire your mind to rid yourself of old outdated beliefs and stories so you can experience a renewed sense of self and create the life you desire with ease and confidence
If you’re working with me, you can expect: honest, open communication, and non-judgemental coaching. I will push you and support you at the same time – helping you uncover your true self, explore your thoughts, feelings and desires, release anything and everything that is holding you back, to reclaim your power and take action to create what you really want. I’ll be your biggest fan – cheering you on with every step you take forward in your journey towards the fantastic life you are meant to have.Although I don’t have a magic wand, I can promise the emergence of a strong sense of self-worth and confidence to everyone who commits to this process with me. You will begin to see the possibilities for your life. ‘Failures’ will be seen as feedback rather than fatal. The journey may not be easy, but I assure you it’ll be worth it!


Private coaching via Skype
Short courses or group coaching
One to one coaching programme. Sessions take place over Skype.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Higher National Diploma in Business Studies
  • Professional Certificate in Life Coaching (with distinction)
  • Reiki Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho & Chikara-Reiki-Do
  • Massage Diploma
As a child I was painfully shy and was bullied because of it and up until a few years ago, I spent most of my life ruled by fear. I was stuck, frustrated and plagued by self-doubt. I was convinced something was ‘wrong’ with me, so I spent the majority of my twenties and thirties immersed in the field of personal development. Looking for ways to ‘fix’ myself.

I had always been told I had ‘healing hands’. I was drawn to healing practices from an early age and became a Massage Therapist in my twenties. I was also very intuitive and astute, having an ability to tap into an innate ‘wisdom’ and having a knack for ‘knowing’ what a person needed. My strong ability to listen and my empathy has always enabled me to hear the real message behind the words people say and provide the right kind of support.

Four years ago I launched the Massage business I had dreamed about years earlier, I subsequently completed a Coaching qualification and became a Reiki Master. I took a massive leap and I stepped up so I could follow my heart, healing and teaching others what I have learnt. Through my coaching and holistic practice, I am on a passionate mission to support you in opening your mind, awakening your heart and creating a life that you absolutely love.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $200 USD

Fees are packaged within a 3 month coaching programme.

Payment options are available.


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