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Fernando Manfredi

South Lake Tahoe, California, United States
As your coach, I will help you find balance and fulfillment in achieving all your goals.

About me

I became a life coach to help individuals achieve a positive and lasting change by giving them the tools to improve and advance their careers and the knowledge to live a healthier and more prosperous life while achieving their fullest potential.


I became a life coach to help individuals achieve their fullest potential while creating a positive and lasting change in their lives.


When you hire a life coach, you need to be comfortable that your coach listens to you with an open mind and without judgment.


You also want a coach who has the experience and education to help you effectively. As your coach, you can rest assured, I will be there for you.


I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge from the military, government, and the business world, expanding over 30 years. After retiring from government and military service, I continued by helping many active-duty members, veterans, government employees, and business executives with their careers and leadership. I also help individuals to cope with dramatic life issues like PTSD, TBI, Covid, to name a few.


As a combat veteran myself, I also carry the burden of PTSD, TBI, and in 2008 I survived a massive cardiac event known as the ‘Widow Maker.’ My heart attack was an actual wake-up call and made me realize that life should not be taken for granted. I spent a reasonable amount of time learning and dealing with the effects of PTSD, TBI, and cardiac issues while trying various methods and approaches to deal with them. During my research, I learned the importance of eating plant-based foods, exercising regularly with a yoga cool down, practicing proper meditation, and maintaining a healthy mind, which helped mitigate the effects of PTSD, TBI, and cardiac issues. This lifestyle change helped me improve my health and well-being and gave me a purpose and an understanding of how to analyze situations through different perspectives.


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