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Francois Van Brakel

Life Coach  
Port Elizabeth, Province of Eastern Cape, South Africa

Allow me to unfold your talents and reach your full potential in life. I'm going to challenge you!

About me

Highly energetic and motivated individual with an intensely inquisitive mind.

I have an exceptional ability to solve complex problems with an innovative approach that helps my clients achieve lasting results.

My philosophy to life is to Never give up by "Winston Churchill"
Perseverance is the key to any success

Get onto this journey with me and discover how we as a team can unravel your full potential.

Coaching with me


Unfold Talents
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
Develop skills to leverage Strengths
Develop Weaknesses into key Strengths
Achieve balance between life, work and relationships
Find happiness and purpose in what you do.
Self Marketing
Art of Networking
Confidence through emotional intelligence


Build relationship by getting to know my client through interactive background analysis.
Understand the challenges and difficulties my client faces
Setting goals together
Motivating and challenging my client to face obstacles, that are preventing him/her from achieving true happiness with self.
You will be challenged, hence without challenge you will not grow and change to become the true you.



One on One meeting of typically 45 minutes


Skype Sessions of typically 45 minutes

Ongoing training

Interactive follow up questioning via Email or Whatsapp

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelors of Pharmacy
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Leadership Development
  • Cognative Behaviour Therapy
  • Performance Management

Professional pharmacist with over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing ,customer service, manufacturing and staff management.

Apart from my experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I also have over 10 years experience working as a retail sales consultant and merchandiser.

All of my above-mentioned experience, began at the young age of 11 years old when I started working at a well-known Liquor store in my local town then Knysna. I assisted the customers and managed the stock levels.

After my 5 year career as a sales assistant in Liquor sales, I took up a new role as a warehouse assistant at Bokomo Flour distributor. Here I managed, orders and inventory for 2 consecutive years.

I then went on to work as a sales consultant for a Sports Retailer, where I was responsible for Customer service, Client support, Inventory management , Merchandising and Marketing.

I also completed my Mba degree from the University of Stellenbosch Graduate School of Business.

During my free time, I have travelled to 35 countries around the world, meeting people from all walks of life.

In my free time I restore classic cars and motorcycles.

My approach to life is being well balanced between social, career, sports, friends and family.

I believe by setting future goals, one gives purpose and direction to your life.

My network can never be big enough and by sharing my knowledge from past experiences is how I influence others.
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Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $65 USD

free introduction Session 30 minutes
25 Dollars per Session/ R 250 per session
200 Dollars for 10 Sessions/ R 2000 for 10 sessions


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