lifecoach $45 USD Franklin Marquit Franklin Marquit I am a down to earth practical person who likes and cares about people.
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Franklin Marquit

M.ED,MA,C.A.G.S,CNLP,Life Coach 
Coxsackie,NY, New York, United States
I am a down to earth practical person who likes and cares about people.

FEES from $20 USD to $45 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a down to earth practical person who genuinely cares about people and their well being.As A late teen ,I lost control of my life from alcohol and drugs.I started my recovery in 1980 and changed my life for the good.As I recovered I went back to college and earned my MA in non profit management ,then my M.ed in Intragrative Mental Health Care, I then completed a 48 credit Certificate in Graduate Studies based in Life Coaching and Adult Development.During that time I developed a non profit named National Artists for Mental Health inc.It served people that were diagnosed with Mental Illness.The organization used Expressive Arts and Holistic Health Modalities as a recovery tool.Around the late 1990’s I developed based on the AIDS quilt/The Names Project a Pillow of Unrest Project for people to express their feelings and emotions on the pillow case.This project has been renamed the Pillow of Hope.It became a widely used model for recovery and healing at many mental health organization across the United States and is now in about 7 countries.
On a personal note I have been in a great relationship for 43 years and counting.I do know the ups and downs of a relationship.I have always wanted to help people in general but I now want to help and serve the Gay population.I know the struggles and you can become empowered to take your life back and to develop stronger and deeper lasting relationships .To me that is what life is about ,caring about others and developing great relationships not only with your partner but family and friends has well.I want to use my skills and background to coach/mentor individuals as well as groups.My Coaching practice will be focused on you and my areas of Coaching are in relationship development,practical reachable goals,recovery concerns,and general Life Success,I want all of us to be as Happy and Joyfull as possible through out our life.


Most of my work is based on one on one Coaching relationships.I am trying to keep the life Coaching cost to a minimum.I also work with couples and small groups.As I develop this new Coaching hub process,I will develop short ( 6 weeks ) success programs and relationship development groups.The coast will be 45.00 to speak and Skype for 30 minutes once a week plus two 15 minute phone calls during the week that makes one hour a week.I believe an individual should try to commit to a 3 month program to see tanglble measurable success in their specific concern that one may want to improve,
tanglabe success and Empowerment skills. Marquit
Three months.
Online Empowerment Coaching is based on a 30 minute text / email session and two 15 minute text sessions to make one hour.The cost of this is 35.00 per hour, generally once a week for up to 3 months.
Short courses or group coaching
I will develop on going group sessions in relationship development ,recovery concerns,and goal oriented life improvement issues.I also will add in Life Purpose groups to help one to realize their calling and purpose in life.This also will be done through one on one sessions.These groups will be 20.00 per person once a week for 2 to 8 week sessions.
Ongoing training
To be determined

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $45 USD

The fee structure is 20.00 for group work,35.00 for text/ email sessions,and 45.00 for Skype / telephone sessions.
If their is a need to do more work then the hour aloted,I will work out separate plan that will work for both of us.


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