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George Profetis

BA, MBA, PhD, SAC Dip 
Blagoevgrad, Oblast Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

An accomplished life & business coach with 20+ years of professional experience.

About me

George have always had an intense curiosity about people’s behaviors and a passion to help them do things better. Early on, during his adulthood while at high school, he took pleasure in observing his schoolmates and noticing how they behaved in certain situations, their voice, body language, reactions and personality. His inquisitive mind led him to become interested in studying whatever involves human interactions: consumer behavior & sales, organizational behavior and performance at work, communication, interpersonal relationships etc.

Most people he came across asked him for advice and support, to help them discover answers to the various challenges they were facing (either business or personal). Therefore, his career as a management consultant and a personal life coach came quite naturally...

He studied Business Administration, Human Resources Management, and Life Coaching; researched extensively the subjects of personality, individual differences, human emotions and their impact on success and life satisfaction; read several dozens of books on personal development, social psychology, motivation, NLP, law of attraction, and attended a lot of seminars.

He is a full international member of the Association for Coaching (AC), UK.



I offer one-to-one Coaching through Skype or by phone.
Sessions last 1-11/2 hours each and they are typically scheduled once a week or every 10 days.
In between sessions, we can have short phone calls and e-mail support.
The total duration of the coaching process depends on your needs.

Short courses or group coaching

Coaching for groups can be arranged upon request.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA (Master in Business Administration), Middlesex University, London UK
  • PhD (Doctorate in Organizational Behavior), Breyer State University, on-line
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Skills Coaching (with distinction, Level-4 NCFE), Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK

- As a life coach he has helped a lot of people to better understand themselves, set clear goals and expand their capacity to reach them.

- As a business coach he has worked with a large number of companies on several organizational, marketing / sales, and human resources projects.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD


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