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Gerrit van't Veld

(Aura)Reading, Healing and Coaching 
Mexico DF, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
In everything that happens to you in life, you can choose or you with fear or with love look at it

About me

My name is Gerrit and I am 52 years old. Together with my ex-partner I co-parenting care about three beautiful children. In my free time I like to keep myself busy with
walking, biking, sailing, enjoynature and to read books.

After working at the Defense Department for 27 years in very different functions, I came to the point that I wanted to give my life a different dimension. The last 12 years I have been a controller, specialising in Finance, Business Operations and Information Management.

In 2010 I started my own practice in the field of Coaching through Reading, Healing, EFT, (Family) Constellation and (Energetic) Massage.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

Coaching with me

Naming what moves and what hinders gives a piece insight, awareness and space to do something with it. The choice of what you do / not do with this information always stays with you, that's your freedom.
Energetic work
Every person has a source in itself. Known as one's own inner self. Your body and your energy are inextricably linked. Positive beliefs give energize lives, thoughts and beliefs can also block your energy! Problems in relationships, work, emotions and health may be able result. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own well being. The way that you look at life, that determines how your life is going and how your energy flows and how to make use of it. In my (coaching) energy work activity plays an important role. What is going on essentially within you and discovering your true essence.
Forms of energy work that I use are:
A physiological reading and expression of your energy to enable you to judge and change oneself. A reading is about the core of who you are and become aware of your life, as it is is on the agenda. This has a healing effect and makes one self-conscious.
You can experience energy going into your body, feeling it, but not in a concrete perception. For example you can feel that you are "full of energy flows," or low energy flows. Each individual has his own story, because we are all different. If you cannot free flowing energy, blockages can occur. A healing helps you to experiences those energies in a way that suits you at that time in place. This allows you to be more in tune with your own animation function.
(Energetic) Massage:
During an energetic massage, you are invited to feel what is there. By focusing your attention inwardly and feel, without judgment, able reality of theexperience. The thoughts, memories or emotions that come up, can bring an awareness going. The aim is to identify, recognize and accept who we really are. At that moment there is healing place. There will be room for all the life energy and it can flow through you.
For energy work distance is not important. This makes it just as easy to work remotely as actually meeting someone in the flesh.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Personal Coaching
Coaching is a form of personal counseling. A coach will help you to find answers to fundamental questions that concern you.
The aim is to get in your own situation, as it is in presence. The insight coach encourages you to look at your options for change.
The following questions are addressed:
- Where are you now? What is your starting point?
- What are your skills, your strengths?
- What are your obstacles, your blocks?
- What would you like to change?
- Where do you want to be?
- How do you design?
The reasons that you are doing this course can be very diverse. By the discussions and exercises you will do, you come more and more
at yourself and notice that the answers are already in you. Because this should be more aware'm able to get moving
and thus to move about. Choices that do belong to you and where necessary to clean up old patterns. So you can go and see what it takes to create the way you want it.
The kern of my method of coaching is that you will increase contact with the wisdom that is already within you. In the first interview you must make clear what your questions are and what you want to work on. In addition, I will also use information from the clear perception. Thus we see what are the essential facts to play within the essence of one self. To coach you to become grow from this and how can you use this to discover your skills, talents, passion and power and take ownership. This will give you more and more authority (self-determination) over your life.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Reading and Healing
  • Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $175 USD


Pricce per Session*

Reading € 90,00 $1500,- Mx
Healing (ca 45 min) € 45,00 $700,- Mx
(Family)Constallation € 90,00 $1500,- Mx
Coaching ** € 100,00 $1700,- Mx
Intake (0,5 – 1 uur) € 25,00
EFT (ca 1 uur) € 60,00 $1000,- Mx
(Energetic)Massage € 140,00 $2700,- Mx
Company coaching Offerte
Support Application process by three candidates, more on request € 60,00 $1000,- Mx
House cleaning (ca 2 uur) € 130,00 $2600,- Mx

** A session lasts, unless otherwise stated, an average of 1.5 hours and includes water / tea / coffee. Prices are inclusive of VAT for individuals. All prices exclude VAT and travel expenses is that these are.

** Please rate coaching includes telephone and email support in between sessions.
For students, the adjusted rate, call for details.

Depending on your health care treatments are (partly) compensated.


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