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Ginger Terrell

MBA, M.A., BBA. 
Asheville, United States
I connect you beyond the consultation
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About me

As a little girl, I can’t say I ever dreamed of “being a connector.” When I began to think back over my life, I realized I’ve actually been connecting people to things they want since I was in the 4th grade.

My philosophy of coaching & connecting is “who can I connect this person with to lead to the transformation they are looking for?” In my opinion, connecting people should always have the goal of making a difference, not just to meet quotas or make yourself look good.

I refer people all across the board. I don’t discriminate with how I might help and add value to a person’s life. I consider it a privilege from God that I get to be a catalyst of change and a beacon of hope to those who seek transformation.

Connection is my calling. I desire to use my network, knowledge, and experience to achieve not only my dreams and goals but for all those who choose to do business with me. Meeting people who want something different, inspiration, and an introduction to a way of life that will change the face of their education, career & business is something I will always love.

Here are some comments I get from people prior to taking the Career Direct assessment. I'm guessing some of you are feeling this way too...

"Nothing in the job market seems even remotely interesting."

"I'm concerned this process is just going to end up with a recommendation I go back to school to get another degree."

"I'm starting to think that maybe I don't have a specific calling; that I'm just destined to settle on something tolerable that pays the bills... a very depressing thought."

"Maybe it's just part of the cross I'm to bear; to do work that's boring or unenjoyable, all the while doing my best to keep a positive attitude."

If you find yourself asking questions like this, I'd love to talk with you because there IS hope beyond the "results." And "no," the test won't tell you to go back to school if you don't want to. :-)



I work w/ high school & college students to save thousands in tuition costs. I help mid-career transitioners and people looking to retire rediscover their passionate work. *I am not a headhunter.

Fee description

Fees: from $349 USD to $399 USD

Fee structure includes online link to assessment + 2 hours of personal consultation with me and clear next steps.

$349 up to age 25

$399 age 26+


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