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Greatand Powerful Observer

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Just another wise ass that decided maybe the doctors don't know everything and I found I was right!
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About me

An Entrepreneur before all else, I'm the founder of an online Advising, Consulting, and Coaching agency that is looking to smash the healthcare industry as we know it. We're in the brain business and we know how to help you help yourself. The problem with that? If you are taking care of you, what's the doctor going to do?

I've come here, away from the Agency, to say things that need to be said, to be Anonymous, without fear or constraint, to teach to you the lessons life has yet to teach. I am whoever you need me to be, in order to be of the best and highest service to you. I invite you to imagine having a partner to work with you in a profound, exciting, nonjudgmental process that will have you feeling energized and hopeful as you become the You you've always known you are, or maybe, it is a You that is waiting to be discovered, or perhaps it is a You that needs to be coaxed from the shadows to take your place in the sun.


All Consultations and Coaching are Conducted Exclusively Online
Short courses or group coaching
Offering Short Workshops and Webinars on Specific Topics of Interest to Individuals, Family Members, Friends, and Friends You Haven't Yet Met
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Offering Ongoing Training

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Fees: from $250 USD to $100000000 USD

Use the following formula to calculate your fee: What is your total paycheck amount after everything is deducted? How many hours did you work during this pay period? Divide the paycheck amount by the number of hours worked, and multiply this amount by 18. This will be your hourly rate


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