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Gwynne Montgomery

Elemental Balance Practitioner 
Flint, Michigan, United States
Gwynne is the creator of the Elemental Balance Method, a unique system for creating your life.
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About me

I see patterns and connections in ways that other people don't seem to notice. I see how those patterns and connections affect us, affect our lives, and affect our future. When I close my eyes, I see the future stretching out before me and all those around me in threads that branch and twist and wind around and through. These are the choices that we make, and some are stronger than others.

The future that I see is not fixed. There are certain things that are more likely to happen than others. If you stay on the path that you are now, without changing anything about you, just continuing day after day after day ... I can see where that is going to lead. Is it what you want?

So often, that future that I saw wasn't what I wanted. I'd decide that I wanted something different, and I'd throw myself full force into this huge plan, rushing here and there, trying my hardest to get as much done as fast as I could. I was going to change the world. I was on Fire.

But before long, I'd burn out. Crash. Boom. And I'd sink into myself. I'd wallow in self-pity, furthering the self-sabotage. Then I'd rationalize, and slowly start pulling myself together before starting the cycle all over again.

Feast or famine. And it was exhausting.

There had to be something I was missing. Something that I, the Seer, wasn't Seeing.

One day a little over a decade ago, when working with a Tarot client, I mentioned how here Elements seemed all out of whack. It was just off the top of my head, and I started intuitively describing how this Elemental Balance might be affecting her life. She was stunned. I'd described everything that was happening to her.

I did this a few more times with a few more clients. Then I thought, "What if it had its own oracle?"

Now, I'm not an artist. My stick figures look lumpy. It's just not my strength. I'm a Seer, a reader, a writer. Words are my gift. So I grabbed some index cards and cut them in half, then drew some symbols to represent the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Sixteen cards, four of each Element. I laid them in a 4x4 square and... bam... The Elemental Balancing Reading was born.

I tested it with a few clients, and they loved it. But over and over, they'd say to me, "Gwynne, you're spot on. That's absolutely how my life is right now. But what do I do with it?"

Over time, as more and more people wanted to know what to do with this information that I was getting from this simple Elemental concept, I started thinking about how very simple exercises and changes might balance that Elemental energy out. Using the rules of Elemental Dignities, which is often studied by Tarotists, I started suggesting small daily habit changes that would compile and have a snowball affect over time, giving them massive momentum.

A few clients would implement these exercises, and then would report back a month or two later. Often, they didn't notice much change the first couple of days, but as they continued, they'd notice more and more synchronicities, and things were just flowing more and more smoothly. They would suddenly starting manifesting things that they'd wanted for years. Relationships were getting easier.

They were in Balance, and their lives flowed.

Over the last decade, I've tested and refined this process with myself and with nearly 100 clients. I've made notes, and changes, and noticed patterns. I've learned to blend Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot-based personality readings to discover the Primary, Secondary, and Weak Elements, as well as the Elemental Mode, all of which combine to form the Elemental Baseline.

Now, I'm ready to bring it to the world. I'm officially launching on May 1st, 2015, but in pre-launch, I'm offering an intro price to help change more lives and refine the process even further.

I invite you to read more about this innovative and life-changing new energy balancing system, and if it speaks to you, to book your Elemental Balancing today.

Coaching with me

The Elemental Balance Program is designed to provide 1:1 assessments and support as you bring the Elemental Balance of your spiritual body into alignment with your core desires, allowing you to create the future that you desire with ease and grace.

Elemental Balancing clears imbalanced Elemental energy using Elemental Clearing and journaling. Your Elements are then balanced using Elemental Attunements and Daily Practices that are directly connected to and supportive of the energetic state that you hope to achieve.

Once Elementally Balanced, your manifestation becomes effortless, and life seems like a breeze.
Coaching is done according to a set structure. We start with an assessment, and a Elemental Balance Reading, using the Oracle that was designed specifically for this modality.

Live sessions will occur via phone or Skype, and email contact for reports and assessments, as well as questions between calls.

Minimum duration of the program is 4 weeks.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

1:1 Elemental Balancing Program takes place over a one month period with an initial assessment, daily practice, and weekly check-ins, with a final progress assessment at the end of the month. Elemental Relationship Balancing is also available for couples. Elemental Business Coaching is available for entrepreneurs who are ready to uplevel.
All coaching is done via phone or Skype and email.

Fee description

Fees: from $397 USD to $1497 USD

$397 for 1:1 Elemental Balancing
$697 for Elemental Relationship Balancing for Couples
$697 for Elemental Business Balancing
$1497 for the One Day Elemental Balancing Intensive which includes high-powered energy work, a physical Elemental ritual and altar kit, a journal, and a full day of readings, coaching calls, and energy work.


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