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Harris Kern

Helping people be disciplined 
Frisco, United States
Life coach to help you be disciplined for success.
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About me

Harris Kern is one of the world’s leading organization and personal mentors. He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at business, leadership and management conferences. His passion is to help people excel in their professional and personal life by helping them develop their self-discipline skills to combat the top issues: severe procrastination, poor time management, ineffective goal management, lack of focus, no sense of urgency and unmotivated. He also helps individuals improve their EQ skills (communication, relationship management, inter-personal, etc.) and leadership skills. He pioneered the Discipline Mentoring Program and Professional/Personal Growth Program (P²GP). Mr. Kern is also the author of over 40 books, some of the titles include:

 DISCIPLINE: Six Steps To Unleashing Your Hidden Potential
 DISCIPLINE: Training The Mind To Manage Your Life
 DISCIPLINE: Mentoring Children For Success
 DISCIPLINE: Take Control of Your Life
Mr. Kern is recognized as the foremost authority on providing practical guidance for solving management issues and challenges. He has devoted over 30 years helping professionals build competitive organizations. His client list reads like a who’s who of American and International Business. His client list includes Standard and Poor’s, GE, The Weather Channel, NEWS Corporation, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (HACTL), among hundreds of other Fortune500 and Global 2000 companies.

Mr. Kern is the founder and driving force behind the Enterprise Computing Institute and the best-selling series of books published by Prentice Hall. As founder of the Enterprise Computing Institute, he has brought together the industry's leading minds to publish "how-to" textbooks on the critical issues the IT industry faces. The series includes titles such as:

 IT Services,
 IT Organization,
 High Availability,
 CIO Wisdom, CIO Wisdom II
 Managing IT as an Investment, among others.

Mr. Kern’s goal is to arm individuals and organizations with the tools to empower them to become more productive and successful.

Additional Personal Information
Over Thirty Years of being Productive and Successful

Mr. Kern lives everyday with a sense of urgency! Life is short and he makes use of every minute NOT hour or day! Mr. Kern pushes himself extremely hard (by choice):

..Exercises every day of the year
..Traveled to every continent and hundreds of cities all over the world (some ..several times)
..Established several successful businesses
..Purchased first home at the age of 19 in the San Francisco Bay Area
..Raised a wonderful family
..Trained his mind and body to sleep 4 hours a night
..Financially set at the age of 38

Most people would consider his routine crazy and unhealthy, however Mr. Kern is 60 years old and he has mastered the ultimate level of discipline since his early twenties. Mr. Kern believes that the body and mind should be pushed to the max everyday. The difference is he has the experience to do so; however, Mr. Kern would never push his clients in this manner unless of course this is their wish.

Mr. Kern’s greatest assets are his caring demeanor, incomparable energy, and desire to help people manage their life efficiently. He wants to help as many people as possible fulfill their goals and aspirations.

Coaching with me

I will help clients:
..Design a life strategy
..Develop a roadmap
..Stop the procrastination
..Remain motivated
..Achieve their goals by holding them accountable to their daily milestones
..Excel in time management
..Prioritize their life
..remain focused

One on one and I do not sugarcoat strengths, challenges, daily progress or lack thereof. I am very passionate to help my clients succeed. The word failure is not in my vocabulary.


I proved 24x7 support for one set price that's flexible and based on a client's income. My sessions are facilitated via Skype, telephone, text and email. They can also meet with me in person.
My sessions are facilitated via Skype, telephone, text and email. They can also meet with me in person.
Short courses or group coaching
Yes will facilitate speaking engagements online, at meetings and organizations.
Ongoing training
Yes - 24x7 support for one low monthly fee.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Highly accomplished: written over 40 books, exercise 7 days a week, sleep 4 hours a night (by choice), purchsed first home at the ageof 19 in the San Francisco Bay area, manage 3 businesses and I live life with a sense of urgency.
  • All hands-on experience whil being mentored to be disciplined at the age of 13.
I walk the talk - even at the age of 60. I am proud of my accomplishments:
..Written/published over 40 books
..Written hundreds of articles
..Traveled the globe several times and logged over 3 million air miles
..Sleep 4 hours a night (by choice) for the past 30 years
..Purchased first home (alone) at the age of 19 in the San Francisco Bay Area
..Exercise 7 days a week
-Manage 3 businesses
..Have a beautiful family with 4 kids

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $150 USD

The fee is based on unlimited interactions per month via Skype, text, telephone and email. The fees are also based SOLELY on your monthly income. Although I have listed an hourly rate it is only for the purposes of this website. My minimum charge is 300.00 per month and maximum is 1200.00 per month.


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