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Harris Kern

America’s Self-Discipline Expert 
Frisco, Texas, United States
Go from undisciplined to reaching your full potential
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About me

Harris Kern is one of the world’s leading personal mentors and organization performance consultant. He is a frequent speaker at business, leadership and management conferences. His passion is to help people excel in life by helping them develop their self-discipline skills to combat the top issues: severe procrastination, poor time management, ineffective goal management, lack of focus, no sense of urgency and being unmotivated. He also helps individuals improve their EQ skills (communication, relationship management, interpersonal, etc.) and leadership skills. He pioneered the Discipline Mentoring Program and Professional/Personal Growth Program (P²GP). Mr. Kern is also the author of over 40 books, some of his Self-Help titles include: 

Live Like You Are Dying: Make Your Life Count Moment by Moment 
Going from Undisciplined to Self-Mastery: Five Simple Steps to Get You There  
A Practical Guide to Managing Adolescent Addiction to Digital Devices 
On Being a Workaholic: Using balance and Discipline to Live a Better and More Efficient Life 
DISCIPLINE: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential  
DISCIPLINE: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life  
DISCIPLINE: Take Control of Your Life 
DISCIPLINE: Mentoring Children for Success

Mr. Kern is recognized as the foremost authority on providing practical guidance for solving management issues and challenges. He has devoted over 30 years helping professionals build competitive organizations. His client list reads like a who’s who of American and International Business. His client list includes Standard and Poor’s, GE, The Weather Channel, NEWS Corporation, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (HACTL), among hundreds of other Fortune500 and Global 2000 companies. 

Mr. Kern is the founder and driving force behind the Enterprise Computing Institute and the best-selling series of Information Technology (IT) books published by Prentice Hall. As founder of the Enterprise Computing Institute, he has brought together the industry’s leading minds to publish “how-to” textbooks on the critical issues the IT industry faces. The series includes titles such as:  

IT Services,  
CIO Wisdom, CIO Wisdom II 
Managing IT as an Investment, among others.  
Mr. Kern’s goal is to arm individuals and organizations with the tools to empower them to become more productive and successful. 

Additional Personal Information 

Mr. Kern lives every day with a sense of urgency! Life is short and he makes use of every minute NOT hour or day! Mr. Kern has been productive and successful for over forty years. He pushes himself extremely hard (by choice): 

Exercises every day of the year
Traveled to every continent and hundreds of cities all over the world (some several times) 
Established several successful businesses 
Graced the cover of Hot Rod magazine with his show car and speedboat at the age of 21 
Purchased first home at the age of 19 in the San Francisco Bay Area 
Trained his mind and body to sleep 4 hours a night
Financially set at the age of 38 
Most people would consider his routine crazy and unhealthy, however Mr. Kern is 65 years old and he has mastered the ultimate level of discipline since his early twenties. Mr. Kern believes that the body and mind should be pushed to the max every day. The difference is he has the experience to do so; however, Mr. Kern would never push his clients in this manner unless of course this is their wish. 

Mr. Kern’s greatest assets are his caring demeanor, incomparable energy, and desire to help people manage their life efficiently. He wants to help as many people as possible fulfill their goals and aspirations. 



The Discipline Mentoring Program is structured into 3 phases: 
Phase 1 
I will assess your strengths, weaknesses, habits, goals and overall lifestyle by asking approximately 50-100 questions in the categories of: priorities and goal management, Emotional Quotient (EQ), structure, time utilization, sleep optima, exercise regimen and meal consumption, career obstacles, overall financial and relationship management. This process takes approximately 1.5 hours of your time via in-person, phone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp session.  

Phase 2
What will it take to help you grow in your personal and professional life? My strategic ability takes the loftiest ambitions and turns them into pragmatic steps, which will not only keep you focused on your priorities and goals, but will also combat your weaknesses. Throughout the mentoring phase the focus is on developing your self-discipline and EQ skills so you can excel in the four most critical life areas: Finances, Health, Career and Relationships. Once we complete Phases 1 & 2 it will take me approximately 10-15 hours over the course of 3-5 days to finalize the report and present you my findings, which includes a new strategy and roadmap to move forward.

Phase 3
The Mentoring phase includes: monitoring daily progress, holding you accountable (7 days a week), maintaining administrative responsibilities (i.e., tracking progress), continuously strategizing with you to overcome obstacles and make improvements. I will also train your mind to change the way you currently operate and introduce efficient habits and routines.  

I am an excellent motivator when challenges would seem to shift attention. All of my clients can see a difference in the direction of their life and finally have confidence and hope that they will be able to achieve any goal, especially once we instill structure in their life.

1. Accountability
I will hold you accountable to your goals and obligations 7 days a week: via telephone, FaceTime, text, Email, skype, WhatsApp and in-person if you live near my homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL or Frisco, TX., I will connect with you as many times as needed to keep you on track and to help you train your mind to eventually hold yourself accountable.

*** Acquiring discipline is a full time commitment. It requires that I hold you accountable to your obligations and goals 7 days a week. *** 

Ongoing training

Does your business need discipline?
Does your organization lack structure, a sense of urgency and sound goal management techniques? Are you trying to get your employees to manage their time and energy more efficiently? Do they communicate effectively? Do they have what it takes to compete at the highest level? If you can’t answer these questions with clarity and assurance, invest in me.

I am the premier performance, leadership and accountability mentor who focuses on EQ and self-discipline development! Together with your staff, the goal will be to define the structure of your organization and then rapidly drive your business towards superior performance. Through decades of results, feedback, and refinement I have honed my discipline mentoring program (for businesses like yours) into the quickest, most financially beneficial program possible to increase staff productivity, improve their quality of life and to move your business forward with urgency.

The Discipline Mentoring Program for businesses is divided into 4 phases:

Organization Assessment

Introducing Discipline into your Organization

Strategy Workshop


Phase 1
The objective of my assessment is to facilitate a high-level review of your people, process and overall performance. I will: 

a. Conduct debriefing interviews with the executive team to understand their vision, strategy, current and future initiatives, goals, culture, political climate and the issues plaguing their organization (management and non-management). 

b. Facilitate 1×1 meetings with individual contributors to build trust and to understand the issues and get their perspective on the organization. 

Once the interviews and fact-finding have been completed, I will document my findings and provide recommendations for resolving these issues. This assessment is the foundation for building a ‘world-class’ organization. My approach (with industry credibility) allows me to establish key relationships for a better understanding of the most prevalent issues. Additional benefits to your organization are: 

a. Minimal drain on resources 

i. 2-10-day assessment (based on the size of your organization and the number of individuals I interview). 

ii. 30-60-minute interviews with key management and individual contributors. 

b. Provide comparisons from hundreds of assessments involving Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. 

c. Facilitated by me. I have extensive in-depth people, process, leadership, performance and organization experience. 

Phase 2
Deliver an interactive presentation to your organization on my 10 Principles for Personal and Professional Success.

Phase 3
I will facilitate a strategy workshop, which I have developed and facilitated over the past 25+ years. It is designed to assist management to quickly implement change by addressing issues, initiatives and goals through a comprehensive framework. This is not the typical workshop. The workshop is comprised of 3 days of structured, facilitated exercises. Different members of your organization participate at different times: Key management session (Day 1), key staff session (Day 2) and a joint planning session (Day 3). To minimize the resource impact on the organization, I only request that key representatives attend each session. 

Strategy Workshop Framework (Day 1: Management) 

The management session objectives are to: 

Identify details of the current organization, its history and evolution; 
Brainstorm to gain a collective agreement of the people, process and performance issues facing the organization; 
Organize, categorize and prioritize the brainstormed issues;  
Identify root causes of the current problems; 
Discuss potential solution strategies; 
Develop a preliminary roadmap. 
Strategy Workshop Framework (Day 2: Key Staff) 

The staff session objectives are identical to Day 1 but management is not invited to the forum. 

Strategy Workshop Framework (Day 3: Joint Session) 

The joint planning session includes representatives from both the management and staff sessions, who work together to integrate the plans developed during the previous sessions into a single, cohesive plan (a roadmap or action plan), which is presented to the executive sponsoring the workshop. The team then formalizes and delivers the consolidated plan. Additional objectives from Day 3 are: 

Gain buy-in and commitment for the roadmap across all affected areas of the organization. 
Build a cohesive team moving forward. 
Wrap up engagement and the team will present findings to senior executive. 

Phase 4
Schedule post (mini) strategy workshop sessions (as required-preferably a minimum of three a year) to gauge progress. 
Hold team accountable as roadmap is executed. 
Mentor select management and key staff to develop their weaknesses. 
Develop growth programs for each employee focused on self-discipline, EQ and leadership. 
Continuously strategize with key staff to improve effectiveness. 

Cost of Business Discipline Mentoring Program
The total cost for my DMP (for businesses) is based not only on the scope of the project, but also on your budget. Typically, an engagement lasts anywhere from a few days to 6 months. My hourly rate is $275.00 per hour.
Ready to Transform Your Business?

Fee description

Fees: to $649 USD


Initial 45 minutes of free consultation available over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, so I can understand your issues/goals/lifestyle and for you to understand my background and experience, know my program and how I mentor to determine whether or not we would be a good fit. 

Contact Me
+1 (818) 404-9248


Harris Kern: 1-818-404-9248



There are several factors that determine the cost of each mentoring engagement. They include but are not limited to: complexity of your situation, the level of mentoring required and your current financial situation. My objective is not to add additional stress into your life. If you’re seeking my help you already have enough issues to tackle, therefore the cost must be comfortable over the long haul. If you have a financial hardship do not get discouraged, pick up the phone and call me. Reduced fees might be discussed based on your privation and your economic status. Although you will see progress immediately, permanent solutions to build a better you take time to institute. The exact duration is unknown because no two people are alike and neither are their goals.   


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