lifecoach $250 USD Hasnain Waris Hasnain Waris I'm a Life Coach/Master spirit Life Coach with 15 years of Advertising/Brand Communication exp.
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Hasnain Waris

Delhi, Union Territory of Delhi, India
I'm a Life Coach/Master spirit Life Coach with 15 years of Advertising/Brand Communication exp.

About me

A Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker and Soft skill trainer. I have more than 15 years of Advertising and Communication experience backed with 20 years of Sufi and Spiritual Learning. Almost 2 decades ago, when i told one of my friend that I want to help people live better lives, he first laughed at me and then advised me to make a career first. Naturally, Life coaching was non-existant term at that time. Possibly, even if I would’ve developed the skills, I might not have found the people in need, at that time. So, I waited and honed my skills, all these years to reach a level, where I can make sense to the people and help them.

It was year 2013. I found that I couldn’t resist it anymore, and following my heart, I decided to formalize my Soft Skill education and managed to complete my studies in Life Coaching and Spirituality. Followed by affiliation from the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA). Thanks to the modern communication modes, I can now connect with people across the globe, based out of a corner in Delhi.


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I prefer to give online sessions on skype

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $250 USD

I charge anything between 100-250 USD per session. On average a session lasts for 60-90min


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